New Delhi, Pretr. CBI has registered an FIR against seven suspected bookies for fixing IPL matches in 2019. All of them used to fix matches on the basis of information received from Pakistan. The agency has registered two FIRs in this regard.

The CBI has launched a nationwide probe in the case and searched seven locations in Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Jodhpur, officials said on Saturday. According to the FIR, the agency had received information that a network involved in cricket betting was influencing the results of the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches on the basis of information received from Pakistan.

The CBI has named Dilip Kumar, a resident of Rohini, Delhi, and Gurum Vasu and Gurum Sathish of Hyderabad, as accused in the first FIR. In the second FIR, Sajjan Singh, Prabhu Lal Meena, Ram Avtar and Amit Kumar Sharma have been named, all of whom are residents of Rajasthan. According to the official, this gang was working from Rajasthan. The first gang was active from 2010 and the second from 2013. The network was acting on the basis of information coming from Pakistan. At the same time, ‘by motivating betting’ was also cheating the public.

collusion with bank officials

The gang members, in connivance with unidentified bank officials, had opened bank accounts on the basis of forged documents, the official said. Multiple birth dates were given for the same person. These accounts were opened without proper scrutiny of bank personnel.

Earnings from India were sent abroad

The agency has said that the gang members used to send money received from betting activities to common people in India through hawala also to associates living abroad. Dileep had several bank accounts. Of these, a total of Rs 43 lakh was deposited domestically in violation of economic rules since 2013.

Crores of rupees deposited in the accounts of the accused

During the investigation, it was found that Rs 4.55 crore domestically and Rs 3.05 lakh abroad were deposited in six bank accounts of Gurum Satish between 2012-20, the official said. In the same period, Rs 5.37 crore was deposited in Gurum Vasu’s account. They don’t even have any business that can justify this transaction. The modus operandi of the gang operating from Rajasthan was similar to that of the Delhi-Hyderabad group. They also used to send money to their associates abroad through hawala.

Rajasthan gang was in touch with Pakistani suspect

The agency has alleged that all the four members of the gang from Rajasthan were in touch with a Pakistani suspect who had contacted them and some other unidentified persons in India through Pakistani phone numbers.

Edited By: Sanjay Savern