New Delhi, Jnn. This is the first time in the history of ‘Bigg Boss’ that any two contestants fell in love in the first week itself. Maesha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal’s love is very much discussed these days. Because of this, both are being trolled a lot. In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan himself mentioned that this was the first time that a contestant fell in love so quickly.

Maisha and Ishaan are seen very close to each other in the show. The two are often seen hanging out together. But it seems that this love will end before it is complete. A promo of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15 has surfaced in which Ishaan and Maesha are seen getting into a heated argument and the reason behind this argument is Prateek Sahajpal who has been a good friend of Maisha earlier.

It is seen in the video that Ishaan explains to Maisha that ‘why are you giving a chance that people laugh at us’. After this, Ishaan explains something to Maesha about Prateek, hearing which Maesha gets furious and says that ‘there was nothing between us, it was just a friendship’. Saying this, Maisha gets up in anger and leaves and angrily tells Ishaan not to talk to him. However, whether there is a reconciliation between the two, it will be known in today’s episode.. View promo.

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Let us tell you that Ishaan and Maisha have been seen locking lips many times in the Bigg Boss house. Not only this, people are making fun of the closeness of both of them, as well as the family members are also not able to believe in this love at all. Because of this, everyone often pulls both of them.

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