ISRO got another success in testing Gaganyaan, now Astronauts will be able to land safely in space

TechnologyISRO got another success in testing Gaganyaan, now Astronauts will be able...
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ISRO has announced the successful completion of a successful test of a new technology. With this technology, safe landing of astronauts going into space under Mission Gaganyaan will be done. The technology, named Gaganyaan Deceleration System, consists of three main parachutes, which will reduce the speed of the descending crew model for a safe landing.

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According to ISRO, the Integrated Main Parachute Airdrop Test or IMAT used a 5 tonne dummy spacecraft, which was carried to a height of 2.5 km before splashing down at the small cantonment town of Babina on the outskirts of Jhansi.

ISRO told Gaganyaan test successful

ISRO informed that the Gaganyaan deceleration system consists of a total of 10 parachutes, which include three primary and other drogue parachutes to reduce the speed of the spacecraft to a safe landing level. The IL-76 aircraft of the Indian Air Force was used for this testing. During this, scientists noticed that one of the two main parachutes did not open. ISRO says that the size of the main parachute was initially limited to a small area to reduce the initial shock.

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About 7 seconds after the two small pyro-based parachutes were deployed, the main parachutes were allowed to fully inflate, allowing them to slow down the spacecraft to a safe landing during descent. be successful After the entire process was over in 2-3 minutes, the mission team concluded that even two parachutes are sufficient for the landing of the astronauts.

ISRO said in an official statement, “The IMAT testing is the first in a series of integrated parachute airdrop tests to simulate different failure conditions of the parachute system to be qualified for use in the first manned spaceflight mission.” “

The entire testing was done by the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC) in collaboration with the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The agencies have planned five such trials at the Babina Field Fire Range (BFFR) in Jhansi to rigorously test each parachute used for Gaganyaan. Next in the series is to demonstrate lead-lag deployment of clustered main parachutes using a 5 ton payload.

When will Gaganyaan be launched?

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Gaganyaan is a series of missions, which includes both unmanned and crewed missions. ISRO’s Human Space Flight Center director R Umamaheswaran had said in October that the agency would launch a series of test flights in late 2024 or early 2025 for India’s first human space flight mission in February 2023.

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