Washington, ANI. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, nominated as the future ambassador of India by US President Joe Biden’s administration, has been embroiled in controversy. A Senate report released this week suggested that Garcetti ignored alleged sexual harassment by a top aide. This may prolong his wait to take over as the US ambassador to India.

Many whistle-blowers made serious allegations

Republican lawmaker Chuck Grassley said in a 23-page detailed investigation report that several whistle-blowers have leveled serious allegations against Garcetti’s close adviser and his former deputy chief of staff Rick Jacobs. Grassley is among lawmakers demanding a delay in confirming Garcetti as India’s new ambassador.

Denial of knowledge of sexual harassment incident

Garcetti’s office has consistently denied that the mayor witnessed any incidents of sexual assault or that he had knowledge of such incidents. According to Mayor’s spokeswoman Dee Levine, “the reports are based on false allegations.” These allegations have also been proved to be false in fair investigation and review.

Jacobs was appointed his deputy chief of staff

According to the report, ‘the scope of this investigation is limited to determine whether Mayor Garcetti was aware of the sexual harassment or racist comments made by Jacobs on others.’ The report states that Jacobs has known Garcetti since 2003-04. Garcetti appointed Jacobs as his deputy chief of staff in July 2013, shortly after becoming mayor.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh