Its ears are longer than this goat, you will be stunned to see this wonder, now preparations are on to make a world record

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A goat baby born in Karachi, Pakistan is in discussion these days due to its long ears. Its ears are not 4 or 5 inches, but 19 inches long. The goat of such long ears has not been found till date.

Thousands of types of animals and animals are found in the world, whose structure is different from each other and every animal also has some different characteristics, but due to some reason the body structure of some animals becomes such, due to which He looks very unique and different. Today we are going to tell you about one such animal, which is in a lot of discussion these days, that too because of its ears. Actually, a goat was born in Karachi, Pakistan, but this goat is very much discussed due to its long ears. Its ears are not 4 or 5 inches, but 19 inches long. The goat of such long ears has not been found till date, due to which preparations are being made to register its name in the Guinness World Records.

Know who is ‘Simba’

According to media reports, the name of this goat is Simba, who was born on June 15 in Sindh. The owner of the goat, Mohammad Hassan Narejo, was surprised when he saw the ears of this goat after it was born. He immediately informed the media about this and now he and his goat are covered all over Pakistan.

Such is the structure of the goat’s body

Talking about the structure of the body of this goat, its body is like an ordinary goat, but its ears are so long that while walking, they collide on the floor and if you pull both of its ears, then the goat starts swinging in the air. Experts believe that due to a genetic disorder, the ears of the goat’s child have become so big. Let us tell you that these goats can live in very hot climates and their breeding period is also longer in Libra of dairy goats. They are used for both meat and milk. The quality of its milk is also higher than the other goat’s milk.

Guinness World Record Preparation

The owners of ‘Simba’ goat are now hoping that their goat’s name will soon be included in the list of Guinness World Record holders. Please tell that this goat is a Nubian breed of goat. It is known only because of its long ears, but the ears of this goat named Simba are much bigger than other goats.

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