New Delhi, Atul Yadav. Cars are getting advanced day by day. The fossil fuel-based auto industry is grappling with two difficult problems: the cost of running the vehicle and the cost of the vehicle itself. AI/ML is used in the motor and other key components of the EV, which increases the efficiency of the vehicle to about 90 percent. In this way, the cost per kilometer of driving the vehicle is greatly reduced. In such a situation, today through this article, we are going to tell you how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are affecting the auto industry, while we will also tell you how in the coming time, with the help of AI, vehicles and Evans too.

Impact of AI and Machine Learning on the Auto Industry

When Jagran commented on this issue, Amitabh Sharan, Founder and CEO, AltGreen, said that AI/ML can understand future vehicle failures, faults and reduce the chances of business downtime. Due to such control, the demand for these vehicles will increase rapidly in the coming times. By analyzing vehicle data and comparing it with business data (e.g. ecommerce purchase formats), operators can better manage fleets and use their assets more efficiently. The increase in earnings boosts driver enthusiasm and will definitely give a boost to the EV industry. AI/ML is also improving the quality and efficiency of manufacturing processes. The use of robots in various tasks reduces the chances of human error. Overall, the auto industry is now promoting more precise manufacturing.

Auto industry getting encouragement

Through telematics, vehicle financers can maintain control over their assets. Now there is no risk of losing their vehicle, as they can track the exact location of their vehicle at any time. When the fear is over, they are ready to finance more and more vehicles, which also gives impetus to the industry.

In the coming time, the car may become an entertainment spot

Dr. Kaustubh, Marketing Director, Manufacturing Intelligence Division of Hexagon said that artificial intelligence in cars is one such technology that can eliminate dependence on humans to drive vehicles. With cars now becoming an extension of our home, it is a mobility machine for work, entertainment and long distance travel with music and movies. As consumers look for safety and convenience, machine learning through its deep learning algorithms guides the vehicle through difficult road conditions and keeps the car driver, passengers and others safe.

“Machine learning helps in minimizing human intervention in driving on the roads. Therefore machine learning and other AI technologies work hand-in-hand to make the road safety of the passenger a priority. In the future, as the interaction with machines becomes more complex, AI technologies in cars should come to communicate with each other. This brings possibilities of implementing systems around traffic, collision prevention, etc.

Edited By: Atul Yadav