Janaki Mahal took the shape of Nepal’s Janaki Temple: Enthusiasm about Janakpuri Festival, 55 artisans from Kolkata have been working for 33 days to build the palace

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There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in Dayalbagh area regarding Janakpuri festival. Janaki Mahal has taken shape on the lines of Janaki temple of Nepal. 55 artisans from Kolkata are working day and night to give shape to it. The Janak Mahal is being prepared for the last 33 days. The 160 feet wide and 110 high Janak Mahal has been built with 4 thousand bamboo sticks. Chief artisan Bipin Kumar told that by September 20, Janak Mahal will be fully decorated and ready. Like the Janaki temple, three large bastions, arches and jharokhas have been built in the Janak Mahal. Fountains will be installed in front of Janak Mahal. This palace, bathed in colorful lights during the event, will be the main center of attraction. He told that he has prepared Janak Mahal 6 times in Janakpuri Festival in Agra. Due to the Corona epidemic, the event was not held here for the last two years. This time the Janaki Mahal has been given a shape like the Janaki temple of Nepal.

Enthusiasm among people about the 3-day festival
As such, there is enthusiasm in the whole of Agra about the 3-day festival. The people here are doubly happy with the festival being organized in Dayalbagh. Everyone comes here early in the evening to see Janak Mahal. He is ready to cooperate with the artisans by talking to them. Ram devotees sit here till late night and discuss the preparations for the event. Ram procession will come here on 21st September. Janakpuri Mahotsav will be celebrated till 23rd September.

Ram Bhakt Shailendra Gupta told that Janakpuri is being decorated in Agra after two years.

The theme of Janak Mahal changes every time
The theme of Janak Mahal changes every time at Janakpuri Festival in Agra. Janak Mahal has been decorated so far in the shape of Mahishmati Bhawan, Akshar Dham Temple of Ahmedabad, Prem Mandir etc. This time the theme of Janak Mahal was discussed. Initially Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi and Shri Ram Temple Orchha were considered.

In the end, a decision was taken on the nature of the Janaki temple in Nepal. Actually, there is a belief about the Janaki temple of Nepal that Sita Mata had lived here before marriage. This temple is made of Hindu Rajput architecture. At that time 9 lakh rupees were spent on its construction, hence it is also called Naulakkha temple. An idol of Mother Sita was also found here.

Janak Mahal is being built 110 feet high.

Janakpuri adorned at a different place for the first time in the year 1964
The Shri Ram Barat and Janakpuri festival of Agra are among the major cultural events of North India. Organizers say that this time a grand palace is being built. It is directly related to the life of Sita Mata. Ramlila is being organized in Agra for centuries. In Ramlila, a procession is taken out during the marriage of Sita Mata and Lord Rama. Lakhs of devotees attend the procession.

Earlier, Sita Mata’s farewell was taken out in different parts of the city from Ramlila Maidan itself. For the first time in 1964, Janakpuri was decorated in Naubasta, Lohamandi in Agra. Since then Janakpuri is decorated every time by choosing different places in the city.

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