New Delhi, Saurabh Verma. Jewar Airport will be the largest international airport in the country. The construction work of the airport has started. It is expected to be ready by 31st December 2024. With the construction of the airport, the blueprint for its operation is being drawn. For this, Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL) has selected ICAD Holding Limited as its digital partner.

VIP facility will be available at Noida airport

on this partnership Jagran New Media has ICAD K Group CEO Ghussan Sayegh and the company’s internal operations director Syed Firoz Mehndi talked to. Both of them told that the check-in and boarding of passengers will be done digitally at Noida Airport. Also, the time of loading and security checking of salmon will be reduced. Due to which the time of passengers will not be wasted at the airport. For this, the company will offer a premium subscription based service. With this, passengers will be able to do VIP entry and exit. However, passengers will have to pay some extra charges for this service. This service will be especially for those passengers who travel frequently by air. The data of such passengers will already be available with the airport authority. Also, facilities like automatic body scan will be offered, so that time will not be wasted during boarding, checking and baggage check-in. In such a situation, passengers will not have to reach the airport 2 hours before.

These international level facilities will be available

  • Firoz Mehndi told that Noida Airport will be recognized as a digital airport worldwide. International level facilities will be available here. There will be waiting halls like hotels.

  • Noida airport will be completely paperless. Meaning every kind of work from boarding pass to digital will be done. For this, it will be necessary for the passenger to have a mobile phone.

  • Noida airport will work on fuel energy saving technology. In such a situation, only electric vehicles will be allowed in the airport premises.

  • An integrated system will be formed for the operation of the airport. The airport will be equipped with technology like passenger services, indoor navigation, passenger crowd management and data analytics.

  • Jewar Airport will work under the Digi Travel Policy of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
Edited By: Saurabh Verma