Journey of life lost in Mait’s ‘Kheh’: The body of 12th class student Ritwik Sahu, who was swept away in the strong current of Hundru Fall, was found trapped in the rock a day later

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The journey of the golden life of class 12th student Ritwik Sahu finally got lost in the den of death. On Tuesday, the body of Ritvik, who had flowed into the Swarnarekha river near the bypass of the Sikidiri hydel project, was recovered by the police from the rock on Wednesday morning. He was a student of Premchand Mahto Inter College, Vikas (Ormanjhi). Father Baijnath Sahu once had a dream that the son would fulfill his dreams by doing engineering after 12th, but now his eyesight is zero.

Here, the Sikidiri Hydel Project Management woke up and put up a barrier to stop the movement from Power Plant-2. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, Ritwik went to visit Hundru Falls at 12 o’clock with 4 friends and 5 girl students. All had reached the river from power house number-2 through the forest. Ritvik and a girl student were sitting on the bank of the river. Then suddenly water was released from the power house bypass, due to which Rithvik got swept away in the strong current, while the girl student got stuck in the middle river. The tourist somehow pulled the girl out.

Compulsion: System automatic, can’t stop water

Sikidiri Project Manager Vinay Angira said that millions of gallons of water is released from Getalsud Dam for power generation within 40-60 seconds as soon as the power generation trip from Sikidiri Power Plant-two due to any reason, causes the Swarnarekha river to swell. Nobody gets a chance to recover. If this does not happen then the velocity of the water will submerge the entire power house itself. The whole system is automatic. Even if we want, we cannot take security measures in such a short time.

3 level negligence
1. Dangerous shortcut…
Most of the youth and students go to Hundru Fall on the way to Sikidiri Power Plant-2. Identification has to be made on the main road to Hundru Falls. Because of this youth or students go the other way. Hydel management does not take strict action to stop them.

2. Tourist Responsible… Sikidiri Project Manager Vinay Angira said that the gate was locked many times before, but many tourists have quarreled with the security personnel against it. Tourists enter inside by forcibly breaking the lock.

3. Management not serious… Rajkishore Prasad, chairman of Tourism Safety Committee, said that in the year 2017, the GM of JTDC had written a letter to the Sikidiri Project Manager demanding closure of the gate of Sikidiri Power Plant-2.

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