Panaji, Agencies: Bharatiya Janata Party National President JP Nadda is on a two-day visit to Goa. Today is the second day of his tour. Addressing party workers in Panaji, Nadda remembered late Manohar Parrikar, former Chief Minister of the state and former Defense Minister of the country. In his speech, the BJP national president said, “Parrikar had dreamed of progress in the lifestyle of the people of Goa. I remember that even when he was battling illness in his last days, he did not run away from his responsibilities. Wearing a life support system, he inspected the Atal-Setu bridge and said, “How is the josh”.

target the opposition

Addressing the party workers in Panaji, JP Nadda informed about the relentless efforts of the government during the Corona pandemic. He told, when COVID started in 2020, how a task force was formed in April. India was ready to develop its own vaccines, he said. The Prime Minister gave 2 vaccines to the country within 9 months, but even during this epidemic, the opposition played a negative role. Opposition parties used to appeal to people not to get vaccinated continuously.

all vaccinated

Taking a dig at the opposition on the issue of vaccine, JP Nadda said, the opposition used to call the vaccine “Modi Tika”, “BJP’s vaccine”. Today they have all got the vaccine. I ask him, “How was the Modi commentary?” Did you get protection from illness? The opposition misled the people. He opposed the people of India while opposing the PM and now he is asking for votes.

Edited By: Amit Singh