The process of creating a search engine and an app to make Hindu translations of important decisions of the Supreme Court and High Courts accessible is welcome, but it is of limited importance. If this facility is available, then only law students, law experts and other professionals will get its benefits. No doubt they will be benefitted by this, but today the need is that justice should be available to the common people in their language.

The need for this was emphasized in the recent conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts in Delhi, but there is no strong possibility that anything concrete will be done in this direction. A big reason for this is that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has also said that there are some practical problems in this. Although he also stressed the need for justice in the local language, the way practical problems were highlighted at the same time raised the question whether it would be possible to move forward in this direction?

If interest is not shown at the level of the judiciary that at the level of the higher courts, people get justice in their language, then this aspiration is never going to be fulfilled. The judiciary as well as the government will have to take interest in this matter and see that there is a beginning at some level. At least in matters of public importance, there should be an undertaking to deliver decisions in the language of the people. If it can happen in many other countries of the world then why can’t it happen in India?

If anything is coming in the way of answering this question, it is lack of will. If the judiciary and the executive show the requisite will, then those practical problems which remain a hindrance in the delivery of justice in the local language can be easily resolved. Will need to be shown not only in providing justice to the people in their language. There is a similar need in the matter of timely delivery of justice. It is not right that the burden of pending cases from lower courts to higher courts is increasing.

It is true that there is a need to enable the judicial system to reduce this burden, but at the same time there is a need to remove the shortcomings of this system. It should not be overlooked that it is because of these lapses that date after date has been sustained in small cases.

Edited By: Tilakraj