Islamabad, ANI. China recalled instructors who taught at Karachi University’s Concierge Institute. All of them left their country after three Chinese-origin citizens were killed in the Karachi blast. The Confucian Institute was established in 2013 at Karachi University in collaboration with Sichuan Normal University in China, with the aim of teaching Mandarin so that people can communicate between China and Pakistan.

The repatriation of Chinese instructors comes in the wake of the April 26 suicide attack targeting Chinese civilians at the University of Karachi outside the Confucius Institute. Four people, including three Chinese nationals, were killed in the attack. According to Geo News, China has not only recalled the Karachi University but also the instructors of various Confucius Institutes of Pakistan. The director of the department, Dr. Naseeruddin, said the institute would not be closed, adding that Pakistani teachers were being asked to help teach Mandarin.

Last week, China urged Pakistan to arrest the real perpetrators of last month’s Karachi terror attack. Chinese Deputy Ambassador Pang Chunxue met Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah to discuss various issues, including the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan in the wake of the fidayeen attack.

A female suicide bomber of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) detonated a bomb targeting a van of the Confucius Institute in Karachi University on April 26, killing three Chinese teachers and injuring one. There have been several incidents of attacks on Chinese nationals in Pakistan over the years.

According to the Home Ministry statement, Minister Sanaullah told the meeting that Pakistan is using all resources to ensure the safety of Chinese nationals working here.

Edited By: Monika Minal