Karan Johar revealed in the chat show: Ananya Pandey was dating two boys together, mother Bhavna gave clarification

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Bhavna Pandey, Maheep Kapoor and Gauri Khan appeared in the 12th episode of Karan Johar’s chat show. Karan made a disclosure during the chat show that Bhavna’s daughter Ananya Pandey has dated two boys together. Reacting to this, Bhavna has given a clarification. Ananya broke up with her boyfriend Ishaan Khatter a few months back.

Gauri gives dating advice to Suhana
During Rapid Fire in the chat show, Karan asks Gauri what dating advice she wants to give for her daughter Suhana. To this Gauri replied, “Never date two boys together. Never.” “Very good advice,” says Karan.

Ananya revealed in front of Bhavna
Looking at Bhavna, Karan says, “I think Ananya has already dated two boys.” Bhavna asked in shock, “Has he really done that?” Karan said, “Yes, I think she was between two people.” Bhavna clarified Karan’s point and said, “No it is not, she was thinking about two people, so she broke up with the first one.”

Ananya went on a date with Vijay
In the 7th episode of Karan Johar’s show, Ananya Pandey along with Vijay Deverakonda arrived as a guest. In the chat show, they were discussing what kind of date Ananya and Vijay went on during the shooting of Liger. Karan had asked Ananya, you went on a date with Vijay, while you were dating Ishaan at that time? Both Vijay and Ananya said that it was a ‘friendly date’. Karan later confirmed that Ananya has dated Ishaan Khatter.

Ananya had a relationship with Ishaan Khattar
Ananya had said, ‘I am single, no one is asking me, but I am single.’ Karan had said, ‘You were dating Ishaan, then you broke up. Everyone knows that you have dated Ishaan. Also, Karan questioned whether she is dating Kartik Aaryan? Ananya had said, ‘We are just good friends.’

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