Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. The Karnataka government on Wednesday justified the ban on hijab in schools in the Supreme Court, saying its order was not against any religion. No religious aspect has been touched in it. The state respects saffron shawls, hijabs etc. But when you come to school, the uniform is fixed there and you have to come in the same. The state government said that there is no bar on wearing hijab except in class. The case was also presented by some teachers who opposed any kind of religious identity or hijab etc. in the school. He said that there should be no division in the school, there should be free and good atmosphere in which teachers can interact well with the children. The debate is expected to conclude on Thursday.

The court told the lawyers, now patience is starting to fail, complete your argument soon

The court, in a mild manner, has asked the lawyers to conclude their arguments early as the court is now losing patience. The Karnataka High Court had upheld the state government’s February 5 order banning hijab in schools and also held that hijab is not an integral part of Islam. Many Muslim girl students have challenged the High Court order in the Supreme Court. The matter is currently being heard by a bench of Justice Hemant Gupta and Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia.

Religious aspect not touched

On Wednesday, Additional Solicitor General KM Nataraja, appearing for the Karnataka government, said that he would like to state from the outset that the state government has not touched any religious aspect. There is a lot of buzz that the hijab has been banned. It’s not like this. There is no ban on hijab in the state and neither does the state government have any such intention.

School is a secular place. There the uniform is fixed and you have to come in that. The court asked Natraj that if a girl comes to school wearing a hijab, then whether you will allow her or not, answer yes and no. But Natraj said that this concerned school will decide what uniform is fixed in it.

State Government Order Secular

Advocate General of Karnataka PK Navadgi also defended the state government and said that the order of the state government is secular, in which it has been said to implement uniform only in schools. There is no bar on wearing the hijab outside the school. The ban is only in class. Referring to the earlier judgment of the Supreme Court, he said that every religious practice cannot be said to be an integral part of religion. There are many Muslim women who do not wear hijab. There are countries like France where hijab is banned.

In both cases, if women do not wear the hijab, it is not that they will become less Islamic, that is, they will be less religiously. He said that Islam is growing even in countries where the hijab is banned. To this, Justice Gupta said he knew a former judge of the Lahore High Court who came to India with his family, including his two daughters, and neither wears a hijab nor does his mother wear a hijab.

Teachers protest against religious dress

There was also debate on behalf of some teachers and opposition to the dress of religious identity in schools. Advocate R Venkataramani, appearing for the teachers, said that they want the school environment to be free and barrier free in which teachers can explain things to the children. The matter will also be debated on Thursday. The court has given the petitioners one hour to respond.

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Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh