Katta Dance in Chambal: Sitting on the shoulder of a friend, dancing and firing with a katta in his hand; Police is searching when VIDEO surfaced

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A video of Katta dance has surfaced in Gwalior. A young man is dancing while sitting on his friend’s shoulder, waving a katta in his hand. During this he is also firing. This video is becoming very popular. This has been released on social media from an account named Yuvraj. The police is now tracing this Yuvraj. Police officers say that the cyber team is gathering information about this video.

This video is playing on the social media of Gwalior since Wednesday night. In VIDEO, a young man is seen dancing on the shoulder of a friend of his own age. The young man has a knife in his right hand. Which he is waving in the air, then after a few seconds, he fires with the gun. After firing the bullet in VIDEO, the same young man opens the gun, takes out the cartridge in the barrel of the gun with his teeth and then loads it. During this, he is seen swinging. This video surfaced on social media has become quite viral in no time.

VIDEO loaded with id named Yuvraj
When the police gathered information, they saw that this video was uploaded from the Facebook ID of social media. This ID is made in the name of some Yuvraj Singh. Who is this Yuvraj and where is he from, it is not yet known to the police. But the cyber team of the police is finding out who is openly waving this katta and who is this Yuvraj Singh. Police will take action as soon as it is detected.

Finding out who this young man is: ASP
ASP Crime Rajesh Dandoutia told about this that a VIDEO has gone viral on social media. Police is trying to find out who is the one waving the gun and firing in the video.


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