New Delhi, Grah Shanti Ke Upay: According to astrology, the effect of planets on the life of every person is good or bad. Therefore, as soon as the position of the planets becomes weak in the horoscope, its side effects start showing. In such a situation, a person has to face many problems. Be it financial or physical. In such a situation, some remedies have been told in astrology, by which the position of the planets can be strengthened, which will get rid of every problem related to money. Know what are the things that will strengthen the position of the planets by keeping them under the pillow.

Keep these things under the pillow to shine luck


If there is any kind of auspicious work, then turmeric is definitely used in it. In astrology, Guru Brihaspati Dev is considered to be the lord of turmeric. It is believed that the person whose Guru is weak, he should sleep with a lump of turmeric tied in a cloth and keep it under the pillow. This will strengthen the guru, due to which, along with getting immense success in job, business, luck will also shine.

Always keep these two places of the house clean, otherwise Rahu can create turmoil in life.

silver fish

According to astrology, if the planet Venus is in a weak position in a person’s horoscope, then keeping a fish made of silver will be auspicious. Therefore, keep a fish made of silver under the pillow. Apart from this, keep a silver vessel filled with water under your bed. This will strengthen Venus, due to which happiness-prosperity, opulence, beauty will be attained.

iron ring

Iron things are associated with the planet Saturn. According to astrology, the person whose planet Saturn is in a weak position in his horoscope can wear an iron ring. Apart from this, to get the blessings of Shani Dev and strengthen the planet Shani, keep an iron ring under the pillow and sleep. This will benefit.

Vastu Tips: Don’t forget to see these things as soon as you wake up in the morning, misfortune will come home

red sandalwood

To strengthen the Sun, the king of planets in the horoscope, fill a copper vessel with water and keep it under the bed and drink it after waking up in the morning. Apart from this, keep a little red sandalwood under the pillow. By doing this the planet Sun will be strong.

any gold jewelery

According to astrology, gold ornaments can be used to strengthen the ruler of the planets Mars and the prince Mercury. For this, before sleeping at night, keep sleeping things like earrings, bracelets, rings, rings, etc. under the pillow and sleep. With this, you will get benefits in business, job and bad work will start to happen.

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