Kharmas 2021 Date: Kharmas has a special significance in Hinduism. According to the Panchang, the month of Kharmas falls in the month of Margashirsha and Paush. According to astrologers, this year Kharmas is starting from December 14 to January 14. No auspicious work like marriage, shaving etc. is done in this month. Just after the end of Chaturmas, auspicious and auspicious works started. But now the Muhurta of marriage will fall only after Kharmas. Let us know when does it feel sour and what is its importance…..

when is it feeling sore

According to the legend, the horses of Lord Surya get tired while circumambulating the universe. So to give them pause, the Sun God ties a donkey in their place. Due to which their speed slows down. That is why this month is called Kharmas. According to astrologers, when the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, there is a problem. Jupiter is the guru of Sagittarius, when the Sun is in this sign, then there is a malaise. This year Kharmas will start from 14th December and will continue till 14th January. After that the auspicious days would begin again.

Importance and Legislation of Kharmas

According to the beliefs of Hindu religion, no auspicious work is done in Kharmas. It is forbidden to perform marriage, shaving, upanayana rites in this month. Along with this, astrologer does not start construction of house and purchase of land or start new work in this month. Barley, sesame, cumin, rock salt, moong dal, betel nut etc. should not be eaten in Kharmas. One should worship Sun God, Lord Vishnu and his Ishta Dev in Kharmas. Aditya Hriday Stotra should be recited in this month.


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