Kicked and punched, dragged in fear of love jihad: in Chhindwara, the young man said – brutally hit me and Abbu, tore off Ammi’s mask

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In Chhindwara, a youth and his family were brutally beaten up in fear of love jihad. The young man has been admitted to the hospital. The youth of Lal village had taken away the girl from his own village last month. The family had filed a missing report. After this, the police recovered the girl from Hyderabad and handed her over to the family members. The family had sent the girl to her maternal uncle’s house in Guraiya village of Chaurai, fearing a dispute. On getting information about this, the young man reached the place of his family members. The relatives of the girl beat up the young man and his family members. Police has registered a case against 4 people.

Case started a month ago
Actually, this whole matter is from a month ago. A young man from Lal village under Chand police station fell in love with a girl from the village. In a love affair, the young man took her away with him. The family members of the girl did a lot of search but were nowhere to be found. After this, the family members reached the Chand police station and complained about the matter. After this, the Chand police caught the girl along with the youth from Hyderabad.

The police team reached Chhindwara with both of them and handed over the girl to the relatives. The girl who went missing with the young man was an adult, in such a situation, when the girl was recovered from Hyderabad and brought to the police station, the family members of the girl agreed not to take any action in any way. Chand police did not take any action in this matter.

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The girl was living with the maternal uncle
After the incident, the family members of the girl gave her to village Auraiya of Chaurai at her maternal uncle’s house instead of Lal village. About a month later, on September 15, the alleged youth contacted the concerned girl through mobile phone and reached to bring her along with his family members. On realizing this, the girl’s relatives beat her up. The young man has been admitted to the hospital.

The victim said – if the police did not come, they would have killed
The young man admitted to the hospital said- A girl lives near our house, there was a good relationship between me and the girl’s family. I took the girl away a month and a half ago. Chand police station brought us back with the police where both the parties reached an agreement. The girl had said in the police station that she would live and die with me. After that no case was made against me. We handed over the girl to the family members.

On Thursday night, they were going to pick up the sister from different bikes. On the way we were attacked. That’s where my car was lying. From there he dragged to Oriya and took him away. After that beat me and my mother Abbu badly with shoes, kicks, punches and belts. We had made very bad conditions. If the police had not reached, then our lives would not have been saved.

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