Kiran Bedi got trolled after sharing the video of shark attack on helicopter, know why people got angry

IndiaKiran Bedi got trolled after sharing the video of shark attack on...
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Former Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi is being trolled online for sharing a video in which a huge shark is seen jumping out of the water to bring down a helicopter. The text on the video claims that National Geographic paid $1 million to acquire the rights to the video.

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The video shows the shark leaping high to catch the helicopter, with a group of bemused people watching in horror. As the video ends, the helicopter crashes into the water and bursts into flames.

This is actually the 2017 film ‘5 Headed Shark Attack’ (5 Headed Shark Attack). Headed Shark Attack) has a scene.

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Watch Video:

The post led to a flood of comments from Twitter users, with many wondering if their account had been hacked.

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A Twitter user wrote, “Thank you madam! You are a source of inspiration for lakhs of IAS/IPS aspirants. It gives them the confidence to think that if someone with your IQ can do it, so can they.”

Another said, “After seeing this tweet my impression is ‘IPS, Governors, PhD IIT Delhi, Magsaysay awardees are high IQ/intelligent people’. Now I understand they might as well have graduated from WhatsApp University.”

Fact-checker Mohammad Zubair also commented on Bedi saying that “National Geographic paid one million dollars” is a hoax.

Following strong criticism, Bedi re-posted the same video in another tweet, this time with a clarification: “The source of this daring video is open and subject to verification. Whatever the authentic and true source is, this is terrible. But commendable, even if created. Please check it against this warning.”

This is not the first time that the retired IPS officer has been trolled for his Twitter post.

In January 2020, he shared a fake video on his verified Twitter profile, claiming that the Sun’s voice is heard chanting “Om” as recorded by the US space agency NASA.

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