Kishore Kumar’s death anniversary: ​​A director troubled by the strange antics of Kishore Kumar had sought the help of the court, the singer had put up a board of ‘Kishore Kumar se careful’ outside the house

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It has been 34 years since Kishore Kumar passed. He died on 13 October 1987 in Mumbai at the age of 58. The more wonderful Kishore Da’s voice was, the more interesting are the stories of his life. Take a look at some such stories:-

Story no. 1: Congress had imposed a ban

This happened in the 80s, when there was emergency in the country. At the same time, Congress requested Kishore Kumar to sing a song, for which he did not agree. Congress was so offended by this that they banned Kishore Da’s songs on All India Radio. Congress leader Vidyacharan Shukla, who banned him, was later killed in a Naxalite attack.

Kishore Kumar was born on 4 August 1929 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh.  In childhood, his name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly, but later he changed his name to Kishore Kumar.

Story no. 2 : B. R. A strange condition was placed in front of Chopra

Famous filmmaker Baldev Raj Chopra was once a victim of Kishore Da’s ‘humorous’ nature. Kishor’s brothers Ashok Kumar and BR Chopra were friends from the beginning. But when Kishore went to Chopra to ask for work due to family relationships, he put some conditions. After this Kishor said that today is my bad time, so you are placing a condition, when my time comes, I will put a condition.

Everyone else had forgotten this thing, but not Kishore Da. When BR Chopra came to him for one of his films, Kishor put a condition. Kishore’s condition was that you wear a dhoti and come with socks and shoes on your feet! Come eat paan to sign me. That too in such a way that saliva is dripping, due to which your mouth looks red-red. Interestingly, Chopra neither ate paan nor wore a dhoti.

Kishor was influenced by K. L. Sehgal's songs and wanted to become a singer like him.  Kishore Kumar reached Mumbai at the age of 18 to meet Sehgal, but his wish could not be fulfilled.

Anecdote No.3 : When Hrishikesh Mukherjee was driven away by the watchman
Once upon a time. A well-known director had gone to meet Kishore Kumar at his house in connection with a project, but his watchman stopped him from entering the house and humiliated him and drove him away. Actually, this happened due to a confusion.

Kishore Kumar did a show for a Bengali organiser, who did not pay him money. In anger, Kishore Kumar had given strict instructions to his gate keeper that if any Bengali Babu came to the house, he should be driven away. Hrishikesh Mukherjee was also a Bengali. The gatekeeper had driven him away considering him to be the same stage show organizer.

Story no. 4 Beware of Kishore Kumar

People often put up a dog alert board in their homes, but Kishore Kumar had put up a ‘Kishore Kumar se careful’ board outside his house. Once producer-director HS Rawail went home to pay him money. After giving the money, when he started shaking hands with Kishore Kumar, he put Rawail’s hand in his mouth and started biting, seeing this, Rawail was stunned, Kishore said – Have you not seen the signboard?

Story no. 5: Sitting in the car for hours despite the end of the scene

A director, troubled by the strange antics of Kishore Kumar, had sought the help of the court. He took an agreement from the court, so that if the juvenile did not listen to him during the shooting, he could file a case against him. The next day when Kishor reached the sets for the shoot and continued to do as the director said.

Kishor's elder brother Ashok Kumar had told in an interview that in childhood, Kishore's voice was like a torn bamboo.  Once his foot fell on a scythe cutting vegetables, due to which his toe was cut.  Doctors treated the finger, but the pain did not go away.  They cried loudly for several days.  Due to this, Kishore da had such riyaaz that his voice changed.

During one shot, he did not get out of the car just because the director did not ask him to get out. In another car scene of the same film, the director had explained – you have to go a little far from the car and then get down, the scene will be cut. But Kishore da did not get down from the car. There the director kept waiting. The next day it was learned that he had gone to Khandala by car.


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