New Delhi (JNN). For some time now, some countries of the world are facing continuous energy crisis. India is also one of them. However, the situation in India seems to be improving now. Everywhere, even the common man is troubled because of this. Talking about the big reasons behind this, there is a huge increase in the price of coal, natural gas, crude oil in the international market. At present they are at their record level. Due to this not only inflation has increased but also the energy crisis has increased.

The price of gas in the international market has increased by about 250 percent so far in the same year. European countries are suffering the most due to this. Here the price of gas has increased almost six times since January. On the other hand, if we talk about Asian countries, the price of fuel has increased here too. As the energy crisis deepened, the demand for crude oil has increased from 2.5 million barrels to 7.5 million barrels per day. It is believed that the price of crude oil in the international market may increase further.

Talking about India, the country meets most of its energy needs from electricity generated from coal. But due to the poor quality of coal coming out of India’s mine, it is imported from Indonesia, America and Australia. But in the recent past, the price of coal coming from Indonesia has gone up from $ 60 per ton to $ 250 per ton. This has resulted in a reduction in imported coal.

The result was seen in the form of shortage of coal in the country, which has a direct impact on electricity generation. However, to meet this shortfall, instructions have been given to increase the production of coal. By the way, this time the production of coal in the country has increased by about 19.33 percent as compared to earlier. At the same time the demand for electricity and its production has also increased. However, now the clouds of energy crisis in the country are beginning to dissipate.

Pakistan Talking about, most of the electricity generation there is done through hydel power plant and LNG. But this time due to the lack of rain there and the rise in the price of natural gas in the international market, electricity production has been affected. Let us tell you that here only six percent of the electricity is produced from coal based plants. The increase in the cost of coal in the international market has also affected the electricity generation here.

Sri Lanka Most of the electricity generation in the country comes from coal based power plants. But, due to other problems including rain, the power generation here is continuously decreasing. Due to this the problem of power cut is coming. It has been told by the government that the demand for electricity in the country is increasing at the rate of five percent every year. At the same time, electricity generation is not increasing at this rate.

China Just like India, the power crisis is happening two or four times. Here coal has become around Rs 223 per ton. Shortage of coal in power plants has made production difficult. There are massive power cuts in many districts of the country. In view of the power crisis, orders have been given to keep some other plants, including food processing, closed for the time being.

Japan After the increase in the prices of coal, gas and crude oil, the price of electricity has also increased here. The cost of electricity here is Rs 33 per unit. The increase in the price of LPG and oil has a direct impact on the price of food items here. There has been a tremendous increase in their prices.

Edited By: Kamal Verma