New Delhi, Jn. More than three months have passed since the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. A lot has changed in Afghanistan in three months. The government headed by President Ashraf Ghani has been replaced by an interim Taliban government. Let us know what has changed in the Taliban regime after all. The Taliban had made many promises before coming to power. The question is, did the Taliban keep their promises? Was the Taliban regime recognized? What is the economic fabric of Afghanistan under Taliban rule?

1- Recognition of Taliban hanging in the balance

No country in the world has recognized Taliban rule in Afghanistan. However, given Pakistan’s interest in the Taliban regime after the departure of US troops, it was expected that Pakistan and China would recognize the Taliban government, but it could not recognize the Taliban regime after American rebuke. China, Russia and other Islamic countries could not recognize the Taliban.

2- Afghanistan reached the verge of starvation

Since the Taliban rule, the problem of hunger has also arisen in front of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned that more than 22 million people of Afghanistan are facing the crisis of starvation. 95% of the people do not have enough food. The United Nations has warned that there is a danger of serious famine and famine in Afghanistan. Millions of people have fled Afghanistan. The economy of the country has collapsed badly. Western countries have stopped aid to Afghanistan. The United Nations has warned that the famine crisis could worsen during the winter season. The next six months are going to be disastrous for the country. The United Nations has appealed to the world not to turn its back on Afghanistan and help those in trouble.

3- Taliban failed regarding security

The Taliban government had made an important promise regarding security, but the situation does not appear to be under the control of the Taliban. The biggest challenge is coming from the Islamic State. Recently the United Nations said that Islamic State is present almost everywhere in Afghanistan. The Islamic State carried out the first major attack since the Taliban’s capture of Kabul. The first major attack after the Taliban’s capture of Kabul took place at Kabul Airport. More than a hundred people died in this. American citizens were also among the dead. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack. The Islamic State attacked Kunduz Kandahar, Kabul. Innocent people died in these attacks. Not only this, the Islamic State did not spare the Taliban fighters either. Taliban fighters were also targeted.

4- What happened with the promise to form an inclusive government?

Before coming to power, the Taliban had been talking about the formation of an inclusive government. There was talk of women’s freedom in the country. Many countries in the world have said that their government will not be recognized until the Taliban form an inclusive government, allowing women to work and girls to study. Most of the women workers have been confined to their homes since the Taliban captured Kabul. In Kabul, women demonstrated for their rights, but the situation has not changed much. Women journalists are also not allowed to work. Only a few women, including those working in the health sector, are allowed to work.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra