Ranjana Mishra. Burnout is a condition when one’s mind is very tired while working. There is not even enough energy left in him to do further work. Whereas breakdown is called a situation when a person is completely mentally broken and he does not see any way forward in his life. Then he becomes compelled to weep bitterly.

Such a situation is said to be going through an emotional breakdown. In fact, these are those big wounds of the mind, which are not visible to others. Many celebrities, whom we think of as our heroes or heroines, are actually leading a double life. In the race to touch the heights, they keep working by silencing their mind. With the help of filter lenses of mobile phones, they hide their disorders from the world, but they are not able to hide from themselves.

In fact, these people are never able to give time to themselves. They have to make a lot of compromises with their mental health. The problem of burnout is not only troubled by the popular celebrities but also the common people. That’s why we need to pay attention to ourselves and our family members as well that if any member of our family is suffering from emotional breakdown or burnout in the same way. The World Health Organization considers burnout to be a mental problem.

According to WHO, it is a syndrome that arises due to stress during work and it can also cause many serious diseases. Its symptoms are feeling of lack of strength in the body and getting tired very quickly. In such a situation, the person does not feel like going to work. He remains depressed and distances himself from work. Burnout can lead to a feeling of bitterness towards others and a decrease in efficiency is also seen.

A survey conducted by the American company Gallup shows that around 23 percent of the world’s employees believe that they often become victims of burnout. According to another study conducted in the UK, mental problems are a major reason behind employees seeking sudden leave. The world economy suffers a loss of about Rs 70 lakh crore every year due to sudden leave by the employees. All this has started happening more and more after Kovid.

Now the question is what to do to avoid this? So a simple solution is to not let your work and your ambitions overwhelm your mental health, because money cannot buy medicine for mental illness.

(The author is a freelance commentator)

Edited By: Kamal Verma