New Delhi [अमित निधि]। Hagi Tak is an interactive toy, which is like a child’s friend. Be it science or any other subject, it gives answers to the questions related to them very easily. Similarly, Bengaluru-based company PlayShifu has developed several AI-based learning ties that, after connecting to a mobile app, can learn about things in 3D. These talking toys are becoming a new means of entertainment for children. Because toys based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) not only provide new interactive experiences to children, but they also get to learn a lot from them.

Why are these smart toys special?

Smart toys are interactive devices, which means they can react to your words, learn from conversations, and choose to behave according to pre-programmed patterns. Some toys use voice recognition and some have touch sensors. At the same time, some interact with children through apps. Earlier smart toys used onboard electronics for intelligence. These included radio-controlled trucks, gamepads, walkie-talkies, robots, etc. But now these toys have also started changing with technology.

With the understanding of Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, these smart toys are taking children’s entertainment and education to new levels. These smart toys not only attract children with their human gestures, but also answer children’s questions with the help of built-in sensors. These toys are smart as well.

Advantages of AI based toys

Children learn a lot from the way artificial intelligence-based toys interact with children, answer their questions

Social Skills

When children play with smart toys, they develop reasoning and decision making. Toys like puzzles or quizzes develop their ability to think independently. Most importantly, children can learn appropriate social behaviors through these as well. Some AI-based toys can sense good and bad feelings. For example some toys are programmed in such a way that if they are abused they become depressed. The children then have to find the right words to play with.

development of imagination

Each child creates a new world around their toys as they play. A toy based on AI can help them develop this world further. This toy stimulates their interest and ability to explore.

learning ability

Smart toys also develop the ability of children to learn. Toys are also different according to different ages. Most importantly, smart toys introduce children to the digital world. The sooner children have computer interaction, the more their skills develop. Some toys are based on STEM subjects i.e. Science, Technology, English, Maths, which also teach the kids about basic programming. These toys are becoming more and more popular especially among children of working parents.

Smart toys also teach

These days there are many toys based on artificial intelligence in the market. There are also some of these, which develop the ability of children to learn. Chief among these are

Twin Science Autonomous Kit

This AI based tie is ideal for kids who are creative. The Twin Science Autonomous Vehicle Kit is a self-driving car for kids that they can build on their own. With the help of this kit, children can learn to build a self-driving car. These also include sensors, cameras and motors.

Intelino Smart Train

This is a ty to teach kids basic coding. It is a set of smart train, which can help kids to learn coding. Kids can command the train by placing colored tiles on the tracks or controlling it from the app.

lego videos

Lego Video is a music video maker that uses augmented reality. With the app, kids can choose and direct the stars themselves for the music videos. For this, mini-characters are also available in Lego videos.

playsifu plugo

Playsifu Plugo is an augmented educational reality gaming kit. Kids use real-world toys to play games on tablets. With its help, children can learn things related to spelling, music, maths, science etc.

rybi robot

Raibi Robot is an educational AI-powered robot. This robot talks about and teaches lessons related to language, science, technology, engineering and maths. It is designed for children between the ages of two and eight. It is equipped with multiple language support. This not only limits the screen time of children, but also improves speech and language skills.

Leka Alpha

Lecca Alpha is a special robot for special children. It is an interactive robot that encourages children to socialize. The special thing is that this robot can be customized according to the individual needs of the child. It is designed for home use. Robots use motion, light and games to develop cognitive, physical and emotional skills in children.


Coderminds is a board game. This board game teaches kids about AI. With its help, children can learn the basic concepts of AI.

AR Globe Arboot Dinos

Indian company Play Shifu has designed a very interesting AR Globe Arboot Dinos for kids. It has more than 500 facts for kids who want to know about dinosaurs. Here to explore the dinosaurs found in different parts of the world, you have to download the Arboot Dino app on your Android and iOS devices. After this, as soon as you scan the dinosaur above the globe through the app, a 3D image will appear on the globe. Not only this, these dinosaurs tell themselves what they like and what they don’t. Features like Explore Mode and Dyno Clock Adventures will also be available here. It is interesting according to the children’s learning.

These precautions are necessary

  • Smart AI toy is a new thing. But completely reliance on it is also not good. A toy, a doll or a robot can never take the place of a person.
  • There is no emotion in toys. Prolonged dependence on these can lead to isolation from the real world. This can lead to difficulty in distinguishing between reality and fantasy in children.
  • Smart toys can be compared to a child’s imaginary friend, but parents should keep in mind that they can never replace a real friend.
  • Children learn the language of empathy and body language while interacting with adults and other children.
  • Parents are responsible for what their child sees or hears. There are no specific rules for a child’s right to privacy. Some manufacturers may collect certain information about children. Their reasoning behind this is that they use it for training and improving toys. However, such information may fall into the wrong hands.
  • The Talking Tie is a great find for working parents. These devices can compensate for the lack of communication with children when no one is around.
Edited By: Mangal Yadav