Washington (agency). A translator and his family have reached Doha, the capital of Qatar, while hiding from the hold of the Taliban. This translator is very special. Special not only because it served as a translator for the US Army, but also because it helped Joe Biden and Jim Carrey during the rescue mission in 2008. In fact, Biden, along with two MPs Jim Carrey and Chuck Hagel, went on a tour of Afghanistan at that time. The name of this bilingual is Aman Khalili. Since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, Khalili feared for the safety of himself and his family. During this, Khalili kept changing his position and kept hiding from the Taliban.

Khalili could not get out during the rescue mission conducted by the US to evacuate people from Afghanistan in August. He had to work hard to get out of Afghanistan safely. For this, he along with his family first reached Pakistan while avoiding the land route. After that, from there the American aircraft managed to reach Doha safely.

Let us tell you that thousands of Afghans have reached Doha as refugees through American aircraft. According to AFP, the US State Department here is busy investigating his immigration papers. Earlier, the Wall Street General had reported that Khalili had failed to leave Afghanistan with his wife and five children in August. At that time people were being rescued from here with the help of the Afghan American Veteran Group.

Let us tell you that in the year 2008, the then Senator Joe Biden visited Afghanistan with the other two MPs John Kerry and Chuck Hagel. At that time, Khalili had worked closely with the US Army. While returning from here, his helicopter had to make an emergency landing due to snowy weather in a remote area. At that time, Khalili had joined a quick reaction team of the US Army and from Bagram Airport he flew to a remote area surrounded by mountains. Here Khalili helped in rescuing them.

When Khalili failed to make a safe exit from Afghanistan some 13 years after this incident, he sent a message to Biden through the Wall Street General in late August. It said Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. In a conversation with the Wall Street General, he sent this message to the President, by that time about 1.20 lakh people had been taken out by America. the

After Khalili’s message, the White House press secretary had said that keeping in mind his services, the government would do everything possible to help him and rescue him from there in any case. It was also said on behalf of the White House that the government respects their services. After the US ended the airlift mission, he was kept in the safe house by the Afghan American and US Veteran Group.

He could not sit in the refugee flight from Mazar-e-Sharif as he did not have an Afghan passport. It was only after this that he decided to travel by land. On 5 October, he crossed the Pakistan border. The WSJ report said that the US State Department is working on a plan to grant him a special immigration visa and a fast-tracking plan for his family.

Edited By: Kamal Verma