The burning of incense has long been in Hindu customs, and is seen as a symbol of worship of the deity. During large pujas, havans, or general pujas, incense is burnt symbolizing devotion to the Lord. Agarbatti is used for worshiping at home and is available in different sizes. Large quantities of incense sticks are made from herbs, which impart a natural aroma to the herbs used. With its refreshing and healing abilities, incense sticks excite the whole mind and keep the day fresh.

set the mood-

When you burn incense as part of a traditional Hindu ceremony, it removes all foul odors from the air. It provides the perfect environment for religious ceremonies or Hindu rituals. Incense sticks have a scent that is associated with religious rites and rituals. They are also used as a natural disinfectant to keep insects away.

Spiritual Connectivity-

The incense stick is solely for our benefit, as it is a symbol of sacrifice. Incense sticks teach a man how to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. It is also believed that the smoke of the incense sticks rise in the air, carrying your prayers, petitions and offerings to God and divine entities.

incense for room freshener

Incense sticks are the best air fresheners. Incense sticks without chemicals come in a variety of flavours, including sandalwood, guggul, floral and agnihotra. There are no gases present, and no harmful chemicals like those found in liquid air fresheners.

For the treatment process-

Incense can be found in Ayurveda and meditation centers as well as in temples where worship is performed. Helps in activation of body receptors. Sandalwood incense sticks help in curing infections and diseases by increasing the synthesis of keratin present in the outermost layer of the skin.

less worry-

Incense sticks can also be used to relax your nerves. It is used to make people rest in their rooms. It stimulates the senses and calms the nerves and reduces the level of anxiety.

Beware of Fake Sunshine

Chemicals from incense and incense sticks are generally absent. Yes, they are made from all natural ingredients like cow dung, camphor. But in recent times, fake incense sticks and fake incense are being sold in the market. Recent studies and research have shown that incense sticks made from cow dung are good for the environment.

(Based on conversation with Mr. Goldy Nagdev, Managing Director, Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd.)

Edited By: Umanath Singh