Fourteen gems came out in the churning of the ocean. Kalpavriksha was one of them. It is a spiritual belief that by sitting under it, one gets whatever is asked. Knowledge is like a Kalpa tree. By acquiring knowledge, a person can fulfill his every wish. Today people lack knowledge. In fact, getting a degree is not just acquiring knowledge. Our ancestors had a wealth of knowledge. Through this he enriched himself and the society. He acquired this knowledge through self-study and contemplation while living in the midst of nature. On the strength of this, he composed the greatest texts. They have left much to learn from their situation and nature for the present. This knowledge is replete with Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads.

This description does not mean that book learning is meaningless, but acquiring knowledge and attaining true knowledge are two different things. Knowledge is acquired for some goal, if not fulfilled, a person becomes afflicted with anger. The wise, on the other hand, do not ask for anything for themselves. He lives for others. Acquisition of knowledge is a unique power, but it is necessary to try as much as possible to get it. Knowledge can be attained only by churning oneself like the churning of the ocean.

For degrees, there are many terrorists, corrupt, selfish people in this world too. If he had become knowledgeable by reading and writing, he would not have crushed humanity like this. Being hungry yourself and feeding the morsel of your mouth to others is a constant proof of being knowledgeable. A wise man is like an ocean in which rivers lose their existence and consider themselves blessed to become oceans. There is no place for hatred, selfishness and self-alienation in this. Giving more by receiving less is the hallmark of a wise man. Only a wise person has the ability to keep his family, society and the world alive.

Chhaya Srivastava


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Edited By: jeetesh kumar