Kumar Vishwas apologizes after getting embroiled in controversy over RSS statement

IndiaKumar Vishwas apologizes after getting embroiled in controversy over RSS statement
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Kumar Vishwas Controversy: Kumar Vishwas (Kumar Vishwas Ramkatha) has once again come into the headlines. In fact, Kumar Vishwas reached Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh (Kumar Vishwas Ramkatha in Madhya Pradesh) to read Ramkatha (Kumar Vishwas in Ujjain) on the previous day. He made a statement in Ujjain after which Kumar had to face criticism. However, after this Kumar Vishwas has also apologized.

Kumar apologized for his statement

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Kumar Vishwas was telling Ramkatha in Ujjain. During this, Kumar had to face criticism for the words said. Kumar apologized and said, “In the context of the story, I had commented on a boy working in my office who incidentally works in the RSS. I told him to study. Leftists are illiterate and you are illiterate. If Sorry if this episode went any other way.”

Why did Kumar create ruckus?

In fact, during the story, he told that “about four to five years ago, the budget was about to come. Regarding this, a child asked me what kind of budget should come? I said that you have formed the government of Ramrajya, so the budget of Ramrajya should come. He said that where was the budget in Ram Rajya?

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Kumar Vishwas further said, “Your problem is that the Leftists are illiterate and you are illiterate. There is a fight between two people in this country. One is the Leftist, he is illiterate, he has read everything, but read everything wrong.” And there is this one, he has not read it at all. He only says – in our Vedas, he has not seen how it is. Brother, read it too. So he said, what is the budget in Ramrajya?”

Kumar Vishwas surrounded in controversies

It was only after Kumar’s video went viral that he started being criticized. People on Twitter have started opposing the allegations of Kumar Vishwas. There is strong criticism on Twitter as well. Apart from this, his posters were also torn in Ujjain. At the same time, the people of BJP have also expressed their displeasure on this matter. Not only this, he also warned Kumar that if Kumar did not apologize for his words, his program would not be allowed to take place here.

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