Kurta-tear politics in MP assembly: Congress MLA said – scuffled with me; BJP MLA said- I was beaten up at the behest of Kamal Nath

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The monsoon session of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly could not continue even for three days. The legislators accused each other of assault and indecency. The opposition was busy encircling the BJP by making an issue of insulting its tribal MLA Panchilal Meda. At the same time, the ruling party accused the Congress MLAs of misbehavior. The Speaker of the Assembly also raised the question on the Congress MLA itself. daily Spoke to Dharampuri MLA Panchilal Meda and BJP MLA from Sironj Umakant Sharma about the entire incident. Know what both the MLAs said…

BJP MLA hit me: Panchilal Meda
A scam of Rs 304 crore was done in Karam Dam in Dharampuri assembly of my area Dhar district. The tribal brothers were thrown into the forest from the area of ​​the dam. Crops were ruined. The house broke down. Cattle died. I was going to the assembly on Wednesday regarding these things. At that time the policemen stopped me. Whispered at the gate. If the matter was not heard in the assembly, then on the second day on Thursday, again and again with folded hands kept on pleading for an hour again and again, but was not heard.

In the House, when I was apprising Home Minister Narottam Mishra about the misbehavior by the police, MLA Umakant Sharma came from the back seat and started pushing. Can’t I raise my voice in the House? The Speaker did not listen to me. Umakant Sharma assaulted me. My clothes were torn.

I was assaulted at the behest of Kamal Nath and Leader of Opposition: Umakant Sharma

During the Question Hour in the Vidhan Sabha, there was a ruckus between 11 and 12 o’clock. It was treated against the dignity of the House. I have tied a shroud around my head. Those who want to kill me, those who want to harm, harm them. I was assaulted by Congress MLAs at the behest of Kamal Nath and Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh. I told the Speaker to investigate this and punish the guilty. As far as tearing Panchilal’s kurta is concerned, why would I tear the kurta? I didn’t even touch them. Let them know who tore his kurta. CCTV should be seen to see who tore his kurta. He should be punished.

Congress surrounded on the issue of tribal insult and corruption
During the assembly session on Wednesday, Congress MLAs were trying to enter the assembly through gate number three carrying placards of the alleged nutritional food scam, when the police present at the gate snatched the placards from the legislators. During this, the Congress MLAs clashed with the police. After this, Congress MLAs Panchilal Meda and Manoj Chawla accused the police of pushing and beating. The same issue was debated on Thursday as well. read full news

Congress MLAs on Wednesday demonstrated with placards in their hands.

Vis president said – MLA himself tore kurta, police only snatched placards

Congress MLA Panchilal Meda on Thursday, showing a torn kurta in the assembly, accused the BJP MLAs of tearing the kurta. Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam rejected it and said that I have got the inquiry done. On Wednesday, on the basis of the CCTV installed at the gate, it was found that the MLAs were entering with placards. On Tuesday, they were trying to enter with sacks of garlic and onions, while it is written in the conduct of the MLA that they cannot come even wearing a party badge.

The Speaker of the Assembly says that on Wednesday, the police personnel only prevented them from carrying placards. No one got beaten up. On Thursday, the MLA himself tore the kurta. Neither wrapped up nor was there any face-to-face with the MLAs. When I was getting the bills passed, he was standing in front of me in torn kurtas. When I asked, I told that nothing happened. It seems that such scenes should be repeated every two hours, there is no assembly for this.

On Thursday evening, Panchilal Meda sat on a dharna in front of the Raj Bhavan.

When stopped from going inside the Raj Bhavan, Panchilal sat on a dharna on the road

The Congress MLAs, led by Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh, reached the assembly on Thursday evening to meet the Governor regarding all the issues including the assault on the tribal MLA, nutritional food scam. In front of the Raj Bhavan, the police stopped Panchilal Meda from entering. Angered, Panchilal started protesting on the road in front of the Raj Bhavan. On the spot, former minister Jaivardhan Singh interacted with the police officers and reached inside the Raj Bhavan with Panchilal.

Congress MLA Panchilal Meda wept bitterly in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Thursday. Crying, he alleged that ‘the policemen beat him up in the assembly. He also alleged that BJP MLA from Sironj, Umakant Sharma, pushed and slit my throat. My life is in danger…. Congress MLA Jitu Patwari wiped the tears of Panchilal. Click here to read full news…

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