New Delhi, ANI. Anil Ghanwat, a member of a three-member committee constituted by the Supreme Court to suggest agricultural laws, said on Monday that the economy will face a crisis if a law is made regarding the Minimum Support Price (MSP) on crops in the country. . This statement of Ghanvat, president of Shetkari Sangathan, comes at a time when the demand for a law on MSP by the protesters has intensified after the announcement of the central government to withdraw the agricultural laws.

these will be the problems

“If a law is made on MSP, we will face trouble,” Ghanvat said. After enactment of law, if some day the procurement process goes down, then no one will be able to buy the product as it will be illegal to buy it at a price less than the MSP and traders will be put in jail for this.

Other measures should be considered to increase income

He said that both the central government and farmer leaders should consider some other measures to increase the income from agriculture. The law on MSP is no solution to this. Ghanvat further said, “It is going to be a crisis as not only the traders but the stockists and everyone involved will suffer. Even the commodity market will be in disarray. It will be distorted.’

open purchase a problem

“We are not against MSP, but open procurement is a problem,” Ghanvat said. We need 4.1 million tonnes of food grains for buffer stock but the procurement is of 110 lakh tonnes. If MSP becomes law then all farmers will demand MSP for their crop and no one will be in a position to earn any of it.

It is unfortunate to repeal agricultural laws

Ghanvat also termed the move to repeal all three agricultural laws as unfortunate. He said that the farmers were demanding reforms for the last 40 years. Repeal of laws is not a good move. The present system of agriculture in the country is not sufficient.

Modi government had the will

The Shetkari Sangathan president said, “If the new laws introduced were not completely correct, they had some flaws then they needed to be rectified. I think this government had the will to reform the agriculture sector which was not there in the earlier governments. I hope that a new committee will be formed consisting of opposition and farmer leaders from all the states and then the new agricultural laws will be discussed and introduced in the Parliament.

Press conference of committee appointed by Supreme Court today

A three-member committee constituted by the Supreme Court to give suggestions on agricultural laws met on Monday, in which it was decided to hold a press conference on Tuesday. In this, the committee will give information about its report submitted to the Supreme Court in March this year. The committee, which was constituted by the apex court in January, includes Maharashtra-based Shektari organization president Anil Ghanwat, along with agriculture experts Ashok Gulati and PK Joshi.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh