Dr. Anil Sethi. Today’s youth consider only big positions to be necessary to become a leader, whereas there is no need for any big position to be a leader or leadership. Today’s youth is running after good numbers so much that they are unable to give time to any extra-curricular activity. Participation in sports or any cultural program in school and college is no longer considered at all necessary, while it later becomes the biggest necessity of life. However by then it is too late. Let me share an anecdote with you to explain it in a more simple way.

There were two sons in a family, who were in 10th and 12th respectively. The elder brother was very focused on studies and always scored above 90 percent, while the younger brother was of the Mastmoula type. He actively participated in almost all kinds of cultural events and sports and was very popular among the students and teachers. His numbers ranged between 60 and 70 percent.

One day both the brothers were going towards the house at night, when a bike rider ran away after hitting a small child. The elder brother said – we should not fall into this trap. There is a police case, but the younger brother picked up the child without thinking and started running fast on the deserted road. Along with the strength he had developed due to sports, his courage helped and brought him to the hospital about two kilometers away and the child’s life was saved.

The next day when people came to know about this incident, the younger brother was highly praised. He was respected in school. Time went on. Both the brothers started working after completing their engineering studies. When I met him after a few years, I was very surprised that the younger brother had become the project manager, while the elder brother was still in the junior position. After I inquired it came to know that the younger brother became beloved of the whole department due to his helping nature within a short time of joining.

After a year, one of his projects was close to the deadline, when the project manager met with an accident and he had to be admitted to the hospital for about a month. In the absence of project manager, younger brother told all the team members that it is our responsibility that we have to complete the project on time despite the absence of Bas (Project Manager). Along with doing his work for this whole month, he helped everyone and kept making everyone laugh, also inspired them through entertainment in between.

I believe the biggest job of a leader is to provide hope, everything else comes later. When the project manager returned, he was so happy that he was made an assistant project manager and soon became a project manager due to his leadership qualities. It is said that success is a mixture of preparation and opportunity and everyone is a leader who supports you in times of need, shows you the way, encourages you. To be a leader, you must have similar feelings in you. On the strength of these qualities, you will get success in every sphere of life.

(The author is a motivator and life coach)

Edited By: Amit Singh