Like humans, this heron hunts fish by putting grains, netizens were stunned after watching the video

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The way of hunting of every animal is different, some with claws, some with teeth and some with sting, the lifestyle of all animals is different from each other. However, there are some such tricks of hunting animals, which we are not aware of. These days a video of the secret trick of hunting a heron is being seen on the internet. In which the style of Heron video is being liked a lot. People are surprised to see the video.

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In this 29-second video, it can be seen that a heron is trying to find its prey on the banks of a river. Along with the blue background, keep three to four stones around the back. Sitting on which the heron is looking for its food. Jumping from one stone to another, this heron is trying to trap fish in his net like a human.

First, he would put a grain of grain in the water at one place and see if any fish got trapped or not. When the fish does not get trapped even by adding grain, then it tries to heron from one place to another by taking the grain back from the water. Similarly, two or three times the heron tried continuously.

After all, for one last time the heron put the grain in the water, this time it allowed the grain to remain in the water for a longer time than before, with the heron keeping a sharp eye on its prey, tucking in and looking at the grain. Suddenly a fish came from under the water, as soon as it took the grain in its mouth, by then the heron had found its prey. The heron hastily caught the fish in his mouth.

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Seeing this video shared by IFS officer Sushanta Nanda, people are surprised that after all, where did a heron get the trick of trapping fish by giving grains like humans. The IFS officer wrote in the caption of the video, A heron using bait as a tool for fishing.. More than 10 species of birds were found using such methods in fishing, most of them There are herons.

Thousands of people have also seen it minutes after it was uploaded to Twitter. More than two hundred people also liked the video. A user wrote in the comment section – wow, God made this so intelligent.

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