Lineman was beaten up in Auraiya, JE ran away: Accused party accused the lineman of molestation, case registered

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In Auraiya, there was an argument between the members of a family of the Electricity Department who went to check in a locality of Phaphund Nagar. After disconnecting the connection, some people surrounded the team on Auraiya Road, then JE and others left the spot and the lineman was beaten up fiercely by a teenager and some other people. Its video also went viral. On the complaint of the lineman, a case has been registered in the police against four named and five unknown. While the teenager from the accused side has accused the lineman of molesting. The police is investigating the matter

The connection was disconnected due to arrears of Rs.

Electricity Department SDO Achhalda Raghunath, Under Engineer Keshampur Omvir Singh, Lineman Vishal and Kallu along with Lineman were doing electrical checking and disconnection work in Mohalla Mewatian of the town. Here the connection was cut in a house by showing arrears of Rs 12122. After this some people surrounded the team on Auraiya Road and beat up the lineman fiercely. A video of a lineman beating up also went viral. After the incident, lineman Vishal son Radheshyam gave a complaint to the police station and told that he was checking with the officials of the electricity department.

The connection of a family was cut, on which they started abusing the dirty caste indicator and pressurized to reconnect the disconnected connection, on which the SDO explained to the people that the connection would be added after depositing the outstanding amount. And from there the officials of the Electricity Department left.

girl filed a case of molestation

And SDO Raghunath went to Achhalda office and started checking again at Tanveer Building Material Auraiya Road Phaphund, when the accused person and four five unknown persons came in Scorpio car and started beating with sticks while abusing the caste indicator along with line man Vishal. . Due to which the line man Vishal got injured. On the other hand, a young woman from the accused side told the police that these people forcibly disconnected her connection while the bill was deposited. On protesting, abused her and after some time when she went to collect fruits, the lineman molested her and dropped her on the ground, due to which she protested and the people present on the spot beat her up. The police have registered a case against four named and five unknowns on the complaint of the lineman. On the other hand, the other side is talking about taking action with the help of higher officials. Crime Inspector Rajpal Singh said that a case has been registered on the complaint of the lineman. The whole matter is being investigated. Action will be taken on the basis of facts found in the investigation.

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