LIVEUP big news: Hearing of Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case now on September 29, Court rejects the application of Masajid Committee

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Four people including parents have been sentenced to death for honor killing in Badaun. The accused also include two relatives. The case is from 2017. When the family members were not ready, the girl ran away from her house with her lover.

The family members invited the daughter and her lover to the house on the pretext of marriage. After this, the lover was killed by cutting him with an ax. When she came to save the daughter, she also killed her. On the complaint of the relatives, the police registered a case of murder and arrested all the accused and sent them to jail.

Both were killed by cutting with an ax
Asha of Uraina village had a love affair with Govind, a homogeneous youth of the village. Even after the opposition of the family members, both of them used to keep in touch with each other. When the family members put pressure, both of them ran away from the house. On 14 May 2017, the family called both of them home on the pretext of getting married. After this, both were killed by chopping them with an ax. Read full news here

Pitbull attack on cow in Kanpur, rescued by hitting it on the face with an iron rod

A pitbull dog attacked a cow at Kanpur’s Sarsaiah Ghat. The dog caught the cow by its mouth in such a way that it did not leave it even after being dragged with a stick. After this, the dog released the cow after hitting it in the face with an iron rod. The cow was seriously injured.

On information, the police station in-charge of Kotwali and the team of Municipal Corporation reached the spot to investigate. The station in-charge said that the investigation has confirmed the attack of the pitbull dog. If someone gives a complaint, then action will be taken by making an FIR in the matter.

Youth commits suicide by jumping from 9th floor in Noida

This photo is of a deceased young man.

A youth (42) committed suicide by jumping from the 9th floor in Noida late on Thursday evening. The youth lives alone in room number 902 of Grand Omaxe Society. The police reached after getting the information and sent the body for post-mortem. The incident is of Police Station Phase-2 of Noida. Police officials said the youth lives on the 9th floor of the Florence Sea Tower in the Grand Omaxe Society. He was under mental stress for many days.

Shrikant Tyagi gets bail from High Court, is serving jail for 44 days

Abusive leader Shrikant Tyagi has got bail from the High Court.  Tyagi gets bail in gangster case.

Abusive leader Shrikant Tyagi has got bail from the High Court. Tyagi gets bail in gangster case. The gangster’s bail plea was rejected in the Gautam Budh Nagar District Court. After which Srikanth moved the bail application in the High Court. His petition was heard in the High Court. The court granted him bail. Shrikant Tyagi may come out of jail soon.

Shrikant Tyagi has been in jail since August 9. On August 5, Shrikant Tyagi had committed indecency with the woman. Its video went viral on social media. After which the matter became high-light. Srikkanth got bail after 44 days of being jailed. In other cases, Srikanth has already got bail from the district court. Read full news here

Khabbu Tiwari said in Ayodhya – Abhay Singh can get me killed, demands from CM Yogi to conduct SIT investigation

In Ayodhya, SP MLA Abhay Singh has been accused of having connection with Mukhtar Ansari. Former BJP MLA Khabbu Tiwari has called SP MLA Abhay Singh a member of the Ansari gang and has threatened his family’s life. He said that this has been the trend of Abhay Singh’s gang. He can use any method to get security. Abhay Singh can also get his friend killed to implicate me.

He has demanded CM Yogi to get the SIT investigated in the whole matter. On Monday, NIA and Delhi Police raided the premises of Lawrence Bishnoi gang in the entire market. From where the team had caught a minor. read full news

Hearing of Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case now on September 29, the court rejected the application of Masajid Committee

The regular hearing of the Gyanvapi-Maa Shringar Gauri case has started from today in the court of Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwas, District Judge, Varanasi.

The regular hearing of the Gyanvapi-Maa Shringar Gauri case has started from today in the court of Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwas, District Judge, Varanasi. After hearing different sides for about 45 minutes today, the court has fixed September 29 as the next date of hearing in the case.

Read what happened today in the district judge’s court…

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, the plaintiff of the Maa Shringar Gauri case, told that the Anjuman Intejamiya Masajid Committee had given an application in the court to hear the case after 8 weeks. The reason being, the Supreme Court had ordered that in the Shringar Gauri case, if any party disagrees with the order of the District Judge, then he can go to the High Court against him.

He should get time for this. The district judge’s court rejected his demand. It has been said that the order of the Supreme Court of May 20 is clear. There is no talk of stay in trial. read full news

Dumper shed in the rain in Jalaun, driver and conductor jumped and saved their lives

The havoc of rain was seen in Jalaun.  Where the CC road of the rural area has also been cut due to the strong flow of water.

The havoc of rain was seen in Jalaun. Where the CC road of the rural area has also been cut due to the strong flow of water. Due to the cut of this road, the dumper going to fill the sand got stuck in it. Seeing this, the driver and the operator jumped and saved their lives. Seeing the accident, a crowd of people who came out from there gathered. Along with this information was given to the local administration.

The incident is of Kashikheda-Itaura road of Kalpi Kotwali area. Where a dumper was going to fill the sand. Where due to heavy rains, the fields were submerged with water. But as there was no place to drain the water, the water started cutting the road. At the same time a dumper was going to fill the sand from Kashikheda road.

Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri Case; District judge will hear the applications for becoming a party in the case today

The regular hearing of the Gyanvapi-Maa Shringar Gauri case in Varanasi will start from today in the court of Dr. Ajay Krishna Vishwesh, District Judge, Varanasi. On September 12, the district judge’s court, while dismissing the objections of the Anjuman Intejamiya Masajid Committee, ordered that the Shringar Gauri case was maintainable. With this, the next date of hearing was fixed on 22 September.

The Masajid Committee can file a revision petition in the Allahabad High Court against the order of the court of the District Judge. In view of the revision petition of the Masajid Committee, a caveat petition has been filed in the High Court on behalf of the women of the Hindu side. So that, before giving any order, the court must hear the side of the women.

There will be a hearing on the application given to become a party
According to advocates of plaintiff women Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi and Subhash Tripathi, today the first hearing will be on those applications who have requested the court to become party in the Shringar Gauri case. The number of such applications is more than 20. Apart from hearing on these applications, the case point will also be decided.

The parties concerned will also file their accountability in the case in the court. Apart from this application was already given from our side for commissioning action of Gyanvapi’s basement. That too has to be heard. Read full news here…

ATS-NIA caught 8 suspects from UP; 2 detained from Varanasi and 1 from Lucknow; raids in noida

In the raids of UP ATS and NIA, 8 suspects have been caught from Uttar Pradesh. ATS has detained 1 suspect from Indira Nagar area of ​​Lucknow, 2 from Varanasi and 2 from Bahraich. Apart from this, raids are going on by both the agencies in Noida. There are 4 teams in action mode in different cities.

According to sources, some confidential documents and laptop have also been found from a suspect caught from Sarvodaya Nagar in Lucknow. It has been confiscated. At the same time, interrogation of both the suspects who were detained from Varanasi is going on at a secret place. Taking action on the basis of the facts revealed in the interrogation, he will be taken to Lucknow. At the same time, when asked in this regard, the officers of ATS have refused to say anything.

Fake IPS reprimanded the soldier in Lucknow, arrested

During a vehicle checking on Wednesday night at Munshi Pulia intersection in Lucknow, a youth who claimed to be an IPS was arrested. The young man was roaming in his private car with a blue beacon and reprimanded the constable when he stopped him.

Ghazipur Inspector Manoj Mishra said that a car with a blue light was stopped during checking at Munshi Pulia intersection on Wednesday night. The car driver started taunting the soldier by telling him to be an IPS officer. On being questioned, threatened to remove the uniform. On being asked to show the I-card of the inspector, he talked about talking to many IPS officers. He broke down on strictness and called himself an NGO operator. Read full news here…

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