Washington, AP. Last week, a lump was removed from the large intestine of US President Joe Biden, which was suspected to be cancerous. This slowly growing tumor in his stomach (colon poly) had signs of cancer in the future. The doctors treating the US President have given this information. The lump i.e. tubular adenoma sample was sent for examination. It was the same lump as Biden had in 2008 and was surgically removed.

Dr. Kevin C. O’Connor, the President’s physician, told in a memo issued by the White House that the need for continued monitoring of the disease in the future has been mentioned. A colonoscopy needs to be done every seven to ten years, he said. Biden turned 79 last week, who is also America’s oldest president ever. The doctor says that President Biden is now fully fit to fulfill his responsibilities.

The Mayo Clinic reports that in colon poly, a small lump of cells forms inside the abdomen, which is usually not fatal. But in some cases, it also takes the form of cancer in the future. The clinic recommends that the simplest way to prevent colon cancer is to get it screened from time to time and get a lump removed if there is a lump.

Dr. Kevin said Biden should have another colonoscopy in seven to 10 years. Biden briefly handed over the reins of power to Vice President Kamala Harris during a colonoscopy on Friday. For the first time in American history, the power of the country was in the hands of a woman. In addition to the colonoscopy, Biden also underwent a physical examination, in which he was declared healthy.

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