MacBook models can now run Windows 11 in this way, professionals will get tremendous help

TechnologyMacBook models can now run Windows 11 in this way, professionals will...
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How to run Windows 11: Apple’s MacBook models used to support Windows 10, but Windows 11 did not run in it. Because of this, professional users used to have a lot of trouble. Now the solution to this problem has been found. Windows 11 can also be run in Apple’s MacBook models.

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According to ANI news, this problem has been solved by the latest version of Apple’s Parallels Desktop, due to which even Microsoft’s Windows 11 can be run smoothly in MacBook models.

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Requires professional application

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In this regard, GSM Arena told that this solution has been developed by Parallels team and Eludo. People who use Apple’s MacBook, they also need some professional applications. These applications do not run in the original version of MacBook but now the latest version of Parallels Desktop has solved this problem.

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Earlier version of Parallel used to support only Windows 10

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Let us tell you that Windows used to run in the previous version of Parallel but it only supported Windows 10. Now the latest version of Parallel will help Windows 11 to run as well.

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You can download from Amazon App Store

The interesting thing about this is that Windows 11’s Android emulation for Android works on Parallels Desktop. This means users can download Android apps from the Amazon App Store and run them on a Mac. You will need 600 MB to install the apps in order to run the new Parallels Desktop. Also Windows 11 installation and license will be installed for the apps you want to run it with.

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