Madhya Pradesh: Due to power cut in marriage, the bride and groom changed among themselves!

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In village Aslana of Ujjain district, after discovering the disturbance caused by power failure in the marriage ceremony, the brides and grooms were exchanged in a hurry.


In Aslana of Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh, a shocking case came to light due to power failure during the marriage ceremony. During the ongoing puja at the wedding, two brides changed into each other. Both of those brides sat down with the other groom instead of the groom fixed for them and started performing the traditional puja for the wedding. When the brides were made to sit near the groom for the round, the mistake was realized and there was chaos. After this, both the families sat together and decided that the bridegroom, with whom the relationship was fixed, should be done with the same bride. After this there were rounds and farewell of both the brides was done.

The marriage program of three daughters and one son of Rameshlal Relot of village Aslana located on Badnagar Road in Ujjain district was on 5th May. In this, the marriage of Komal to Rahul, Nikita to Bhola and Karishma to Ganesh was fixed. The procession of both Nikita and Karishma had come from village Dangwara in Badnagar.

A groom’s maternal uncle told that the eldest daughter Komal’s procession had come in the afternoon and her rounds had also taken place. Here, due to power cut, there was no electricity in the village since seven in the evening. The procession of both Bhola and Ganesh reached around 11 pm. After welcoming the procession, both the grooms were taken to the room to worship Maymata. There it was dark due to power cuts and both the brides were wearing similar outfits. It went wrong here and Nikita sat near Ganesh and Karishma started performing the wedding rituals with Bhola. After the completion of the program, when both the bride and groom were taken for a round, there was a stir as soon as they came to know about changing the bride. On this, there was a situation of dispute in the families and in a hurry both the bride and groom were exchanged. After this the marriage ceremony was performed and both the brides left for their in-laws’ house with their respective husbands.

The father of the brides, Ramesh Lal told that both the brides had changed but for some time. There is a ritual of a marriage, worship of the mother, after that before everyone knows, both the girls have been sent off after marrying the groom with whom the relationship was fixed.

The married family alleged that there is a power cut every day from 7 pm to 12 pm. Even on the wedding day, the brides changed due to power cut. The rounds of both were done at 5 in the morning. Both the families have categorically denied the talk of the second round in any way. They say that the rounds have been taken with the one with whom the marriage was fixed.


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