New Delhi, Online Desk. The political crisis of Maharashtra has once again brought back the memories of ‘Aaya Ram – Gaya Ram’ of the politics of history. Known as ‘Aaya Ram – Gaya Ram’ in the history of politics, this politician changed parties like clothes. In just nine hours, he changed two parties and in 15 days the figure of defection had reached the third party. This tradition was later carried forward by his son as well. This trend started with the first assembly elections in the state of Haryana.

Haryana was carved out of Punjab as a separate state on 1 November 1966. This was followed by the state’s first assembly elections in 1967, in which the Congress won 48 out of the total 81 seats. The Bharatiya Jana Sangh won 12 seats, the Swatantra Party three and the Republican Party two. Apart from these, there were 16 independent MLAs, which was the second highest number. One of these independent MLAs was politician Gaya Lal, who won the Hasanpur Constituency seat.

Bhagwat Dayal Sharma of Congress took oath as the first Chief Minister of Haryana on 10 March 1967. Within a week, the government of Bhagwat Dayal Sharma fell. 12 Congress MLAs had left the party, forming a new group by the name of Haryana Congress. On the other hand, the independent candidates also formed their new party United Front. This process of defection continued and the rebel Congress MLAs, independent MLAs and some other small parties together formed the United Legislature Party (Sanyukta Vidhayak Dal – SVD). This party had a total of 48 MLAs.

After this, on 24 March 1967, Rao Birendra Singh took oath as the Chief Minister of the state as the leader of the United Legislature Party. Rao Birender Singh of Vishal Haryana Party won from Pataudi assembly seat on Congress ticket in this election. Rao Birendra Singh’s position was weak in the Congress as compared to Bhagwat Dayal Sharma and Devi Lal.

This is how the use of ‘Aaya Ram – Gaya Ram’ started

MLA Gaya Lal made the most headlines during that period of political turmoil. Within just nine hours, he joined the Congress and then gave a jolt. He then joined the United Front within two weeks. Rao Birender Singh, who snatched the chief minister’s post from Bhagwat Dayal Sharma, introduced Gaya Lal at a press conference in Chandigarh. Here he introduced Gaya Lal and said that ‘Gaya Ram is now Aaya Ram’. After this, the then Union Home Minister YB Chavan used this phrase in Parliament to refer to the defector politicians. However, Rao Birender Singh also could not sit on the Chief Minister’s chair for long. Just nine months later, on 2 November 1967, the Legislative Assembly was dissolved amidst great turmoil and President’s rule was imposed in the state till 1968.

Lal kept switching sides till he lost the last election.

Even after this, the process of defection of MLA Gaya Lal continued. After the United Front, in 1972, he joined the Arya Sabha led by Indervesh, Agnivesh and Adityavesh. Two years later, Gaya joined the Bharatiya Lok Dal led by Lal Charan Singh. After this, four parties including the Bharatiya Lok Dal formed the Janata Party. In the year 1977, Gaya Lal contested the elections on a Janata Party ticket. Gaya Lal contested his last election as an independent candidate in 1982 and was defeated.

The son also continued the process of defection

Gaya Lal passed away in the year 2009. Earlier he had handed over his political legacy to son Uday Bhan. Udaybhan contested the 1987 Haryana Assembly elections as a joint candidate of Lok Dal-BJP and won. After this, in 1991, he contested the elections on the ticket of Janata Party and lost. In 1996, he had to face defeat once again as an independent candidate. In the year 2000, Udaybhan became an independent MLA for the second time and joined the Bharatiya Rashtriya Lok Dal. After this he joined Congress in the year 2004, but lost. However, after a year, he reached the assembly as a Congress candidate. Uday Bhav is currently the Congress State President of Haryana.

Edited By: Amit Singh