Mahashtami today: 4 Muhurtas for Goddess worship, the tradition of Goddess Mahapuja is going on from Tretayug on Ashtami date

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  • Shri Krishna told Yudhishthira the importance of worshiping Goddess on Durgashtami, it is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana
  • Goddess Chamunda is worshiped on Ashtami during Sandhi period, because Goddess Chamunda had appeared in this period itself.

There is a tradition of special worship of the Goddess on the Ashtami of Navratri. Which is coming from Tretayug, when Shri Ram worshiped Shakti with the wish of victory over Ravana. After this, even in the Dwapar era, Shri Krishna told Yudhishthira the method of worshiping the goddess on the Ashtami date (Durgashtami) of autumn. According to Devi Mahapuran, the goddess appeared on Ashtami and Bhairav ​​also appeared on this date. In the Markandeya Purana also it has been said about Durgashtami that worshiping Goddess on this date removes all troubles and never brings poverty.

Maha Puja on Durgashtami removes all kinds of troubles and wins over enemies.  Goddess worship on this day brings happiness, prosperity, fame, fame and health.

Sandhi Kaal Puja: Time of Appearance of Goddess Chamunda
Sandhi Puja has special significance during Navratri. This is done at the time when Ashtami Tithi is ending and Navami is beginning. In this, the last 24 minutes of Ashtami date and the first 24 minutes of Navami i.e. total 48 minutes. This Sandhikal is considered very special for Goddess worship. This special time will be this time from 10.56 to 11.44 pm on Wednesday, October 13. It is believed that Goddess Chamunda had appeared in this sandhi period and killed the demons named Chand-Munda. Worshiping the Chamunda form of Goddess during this particular period gives victory over enemies and gets rid of diseases.

Complete fruit of Navratri with Kanya Puja
Devi Bhagwat Purana says that worshiping girls on Ashtami date and feeding them food gives the fruit of the entire Navratri worship. Doing this pleases the Goddess. It is said in Rudramalaya Tantra that Lakshmi is attained by worshiping a girl. The worship of girls gives education and ten Mahavidyas are pleased with it. Girls between 2 to 10 years should be worshiped on Ashtami Tithi. With these girls, a child should be treated as Bhairav ​​and fed.

Shri Krishna told the method of worshiping Goddess
In the Uttaraparva of Bhavishya Purana, there is a dialogue between Shri Krishna and Yudhishthira. In which Durgashtami worship is mentioned. Shri Krishna told Yudhishthira that when the Sun is in Virgo, then the Goddess should be worshiped on the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. On that day, worship should be done by many names like Kali, Sarvamangala, Maya, Katyayani, Durga, Chamunda and Shankarpriya etc. and worship Goddess Durga in these forms. Shri Krishna says that this worship takes place in Satyuga, Treta and Dwapara Yuga and will also happen in Kali Yuga. Devas, Demons, Rakshasas, Gandharvas, Naags, Yakshas, ​​Kinnars and humans worship Goddess Durga on Ashtami-Navami.

Astrology: Victory date is Ashtami
In astrology, Ashtami Tithi is called Balvati and Vyadhi Nashak Tithi. Its deity is Shiva. It is also known as Jaya Tithi. According to the name, the work done on this date gives victory. The work done on this date is always completed. Those things should be done in Ashtami Tithi in which victory is to be achieved. It is considered auspicious to have Ashtami Tithi on Tuesday. At the same time, Shri Krishna was also born on Ashtami Tithi.


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