Mahesh Jethmalani attacked Jairam Ramesh, said- ‘He lobbied for China’s telecom company’

IndiaMahesh Jethmalani attacked Jairam Ramesh, said- 'He lobbied for China's telecom company'
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BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP and senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani on Tuesday reiterated his allegations against Congress leader Jairam Ramesh over his links with China. In an exclusive conversation with Republic TV, Jethmalani made the disclosure and claimed that he has more evidence to expose the Congress leader.

Speaking to Republic TV, Rajya Sabha MP Mahesh Jethmalani said, “I believe there is much more to the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the fact that Jairam Ramesh is leading it, I believe he himself A lot of questions have to be answered.”

When asked about Jairam Ramesh’s statement that he advocated for Chinese company Huawei, Mahesh Jethmalani showed excerpts from the book and said, “Huawei’s entry into India on the basis of security issue by the Ministry of Home Affairs during the UPA government.” Entry was objected to, despite the fact that he was asking for expansion of Chinese activity.”

Jethmalani said that “in fact he even mocked the objections of the ministries and the word he used in his book was paranoid. As far as I was able to ascertain his ties, he has had ties to China and Chinese companies since 2005 when he published his book. I will gradually make public more details about the case. I am waiting for Jairam Ramesh’s response on this.”

Mahesh Jethmalani Shows Jairam Ramesh’s Book To Experts Reiterating Allegations Of Links To China After Congress Party Leaders Question Indian Armed Forces For 2016 Surgical Strikes And Congress Leader For Alleged Ties With China criticized. Please inform that Jethmalani has earlier also accused Ramesh of having links with Chinese companies.

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