New Delhi, Jagran Bureau. To increase ethanol production and to meet the growing demand for poultry feed, the government will give special impetus to maize cultivation. Farmers will get maximum benefit of maize cultivation. Sometimes maize also has to be imported for domestic needs. While there is ample potential for maize cultivation in the country. For this, ethanol production plants are being set up rapidly in the country, due to which poultry feed will be produced in sufficient quantity along with ethanol.

In the ‘Maize Summit 2022’, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar said that due to the diverse use of maize, its popularity has increased all over the world. Tomar said that the government is giving full support to the farmers and entrepreneurs to increase the production of maize in the country. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) of maize has been increased by 43 per cent in the last few years. Maize is a versatile food grain, which is used in the preparation of ethanol with human food and animal feed in addition to poultry feed.

Describing the need for a lot of investment in the agriculture sector, Agriculture Minister Tomar said that the government has made a provision of more than 1.5 lakh crore rupees for agriculture and allied sectors. He discussed in detail the efforts of the government in the agriculture sector. During the last few years, for the benefit of the industries and to improve the standard of living of the farmers, the central government has introduced many policy reforms and schemes in a series manner.

Edited By: Ashish Deep