Makar Sankranti 2022: Makar Sankranti has special significance in Sanatan Dharma. On this day the Sun god leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn. At the same time, the sun also becomes Uttarayan. Whereas, the sore ends. This activates the influence of the Guru. The Sun God is worshiped on the day of Makar Sankranti. According to astrologers, due to the strong presence of the Sun, the person makes a lot of progress and progress in his life. Therefore, on the day of Makar Sankranti, one must worship the Sun God. If you also want to get the blessings of Suryadev, then on the day of Makar Sankranti, do recitation of Surya Chalisa and aarti.

Surya Chalisa


Jay Savita Jay Jayati Diwakar,

Sahasranshu Saptashva Timihar

Bhanu kite marichi bhaskar,

Savita Hans Sunur Vibhakar 1॥

Vivaswan Aditya Vikartan,

Martand Hariroop Virochana

Ambarmani was called Khag Ravi.

The Vedas used to say Hiranyagarbha. 2.

Sahasranshu Pradyotana, Kahikahi,

Munigan would be happy modalhi.

Arun like charioteer Manohar,

Hankat hay sata climb on the chariot3॥

The glory of the circle is very beautiful,

Tej Roop Keri Balihari॥

Hey jote like uchaaihshrava,

Purandar would be ashamed

Friends Marichi, Bhanu, Arun, Bhaskar,

Savita Surya Ark Khag Kalikar

Pusha Ravi Aditya Naam Lai,

Hiranyagarbhaya Namah Kahikai॥5॥

Dwadas Naam Prem Son Gain,

Nawain the head twelve times.

Four material people can sleep,

Sorrow and poverty are not enough.

hello to this miracle,

This method is kind to Harihar.

Sevai bhanu tumhi man lai,

Ashtasiddhi Navnidhi Tehin Pai॥7॥

uttering twelve names,

Sahas janam ke paatak karte hai

Anecdotes that give importance,

Ripu son jamalhate sotehi chan8॥

Wealth spun family is increasing,

Strong attachment has a snare.

The extracts protect the glass,


Surya always sitting on the eye,

Dinkar Chhajat on Karna Des

Bhanu Nasika Vaskar Hunit,

The interest of the mouth is always doing Bhaskar.

Parjanya is on our lips,

Rasna beach sharp bus dear

The beauty of the golden sand of the throat,

Tigma Tejas: Kande Lobha॥11

Pushan Bahu friend on the back,

Tvashta Varun Rahat Sushnkar॥

Defense Karan on Couple Hands,

Bhanuman Ursarm Sudarchan12॥

Basat Nabhi Aditya Manohar,

Katimanh, please keep your heart.

Jangha Gopati Savita Basa,

Gupt Diwakar Kart Hulasa॥13

care of the post of Vivaswan,

I lost my life while sitting outside.

Sahasranshu Sarvaang Samharai,

Defense armor strange thoughts॥14

As jojan my mind,

I am not afraid of the world.

Dadru leprosy tehin kabhu na vyapai,

Jojan’s heart is pounding.

The one who destroys the darkness of the world,

Rejoices with new light

The planet Guna Grasi is not erased,

Koti bar i pranav tahi

Go into the world of soft yarn,

Dharamraj has some wonderful banke16॥

Blessed are you Dinamani Deva,

Did you do Surmuni male service?

Bhakti bhavayut complete rules so,

Move away from the illusions of Bhav17

Most Blessed So Male Body,

You are happy but you have lost your heart.

Arun Magh Mahan Surya Falgun,

Madhu Vedang Name Ravi Udayan॥18

Bhanu Uday Baisakh Ginawai,

Jyeshtha Indra Ashadh Ravi Gaval

Yama Bhadon Ashwin Himreta,

कातिक होत दिवाकर नेटा ॥१ ९॥

There is a different Vishnu, Pushin,

Male names Ravihai Malamashin॥20॥


Bhanu Chalisa Prem Yut, Gaahin Je Nar Nitya,

Happiness and wealth are various, but not always grateful.

sun god aarti

oh jai sun god,

Hail Dinkar Lord.

the eyes of the world,

You are the Triguna form.

Earth is all about meditation,

oh jai sun god

, oh jai sun god..

Lord Arun is the charioteer, you are

White lotus flower

You are four-armed

Horses are your seven,

Some rays spread.

you are god great

, oh jai sun god..

In the dawn when you

Come to Udaipur.

Everyone can see then.

spreading light,

When the whole world wakes up.

Do all then praise

, oh jai sun god..

Bhubaneshwar in the evening,

Going to

Godhan would then come home.

At dusk,

Every house in every courtyard.

Yes, glorious song.

, oh jai sun god..

Dev Danuj male and female,

The sages worshiped.

Aditya chants the heart.

The source is this auspicious,

Its composition is beautiful.

Give new life

, oh jai sun god..

You are the creator of Trikal,

You are the basis of the world.

Glory is unmatched

By irrigating life,

Give it to your devotees.

Strength and knowledge

, oh jai sun god..

Groundwater variable mule,

You are the life of everyone.

You are the life of all living beings.

Veda Puranas,

All religions obey you.

You are all powerful

, oh jai sun god..

worship directions,

Worship Dash Dikpal.

You are the guardians of the Bhuvans.

Seasons your maid

You are eternal, indestructible.

Good luck Anshuman

, oh jai sun god..

oh jai sun god,

Hail Dinkar Lord.

as the eyes of the world,

You are the triple form.

Earth is all about meditation,

oh jai sun god


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Edited By: Umanath Singh