Man forcibly opened the door and jumped from the moving metro, video will shock you

IndiaMan forcibly opened the door and jumped from the moving metro, video...
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Man Jump From Metro Video: In this startling video that went viral recently, a man is seen jumping out of a moving metro by opening its gate. Seeing this video, the ground will also slip under your feet. This video has been viewed more than 8 million times so far.

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Man Open Metro Door To Jump: In today’s time, a difficult long journey can be covered in a short time, for which most people take the help of metro train. People traveling in Metro know that its speed is so fast, which takes you to your destination in a few moments. During the journey, the doors of the metro are also strictly closed, so that the journey can be safe and comfortable. The doors of the metro train cannot be opened during the journey, but in this recently viral video, a man is seen jumping out of the moving metro by opening the gate. Seeing this video going viral, the ground will slip under your feet. Although this video is old, but once on the Internet it is rapidly attracting the attention of people.

People traveling in the metro in India must have heard a warning that they should stand away from the doors and do not put their hands on them. Apart from this, do not even try to open the door in a moving metro, but something else is being seen in this viral video recently. In the video, a person is seen traveling in a metro train (Man jump from metro video). During this, he suddenly starts opening the door forcefully and as soon as the door opens, he jumps on the platform from the moving train.

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It can be seen in the video how a man is standing inside the metro. During this, he suddenly starts trying to open the door with the help of both his hands. Meanwhile, when the door opens after a lot of efforts, the person forcefully jumps out of the moving metro. It can be seen in the video that what is the result of jumping from a moving vehicle. Looking at the video, it can be inferred that the person must have suffered serious injuries.

This video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the handle @HowThingsWork_, seeing which the users are also stunned. This video has been viewed more than 8 million times so far, while 187.2K people have liked this video. Users who have seen the video are giving different reactions on it. One user wrote, ‘If he had started running in the direction of the car as soon as he got down, he would have been saved.’ Another user wrote, “People in Asia have been learning how to get off a moving vehicle for years.” Another user wrote, ‘What was the person thinking before doing this?’

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Note: NDTV does not support such stunts. Please don’t try like this. This can prove to be dangerous for you.

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