Mango jammed in the city: Lift from Chhota Shimla, on the other hand jammed till set beads, vehicles kept on rolling

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Traffic jam is common in the city. Even on Tuesday, people were stuck in the jam during the evening. From Chhota Shimla to lift, those vehicles which were going to Sanjauli got stuck, then from Chhota Shimla to St. Beeds the vehicles which were coming towards Chhota Shimla got stuck. Due to the closure of the road due to the construction of a bridge in Vikasnagar, traffic increased in the city and the situation of jam became more serious. The bike taken for police drive and patrolling also did not work. Similarly, there is a jam near the Secretariat even while turning the vehicles.

There is also heavy traffic jam in Sanjauli suburb. In the evening, there was a long line of vehicles from the tunnel in Sanjauli to the chowk and from here to Lakkar Bazar and on the other hand towards Chhota Shimla to the gas agency’s godown at Navbahar. There was a traffic jam here even in the evening. At the same time, DSP Traffic Ajay Bhardwaj says that the flow of traffic is increasing in the morning and evening all of a sudden. We are trying to deal with the jam. Soldiers have been deployed at every point.

Lift from Chhata Shimla, also jammed on Khalini Chowk: There is heavy jam these days from Chhata Shimla to Lift. In the evening the traffic on one side stops, but the traffic on the other side is closed. People were also upset due to the jam on Khalini Chowk. At the same time, there were long lines of trains from Tavimod to Baluganj.

It takes one hour to travel 1 kilometer: The jam in Shimla is bothering the people so much that it is taking an hour to travel 1 kilometer. From the 103 tunnel, if a person wants to reach the old bus stand in the morning, then he will have to leave the house one and a half hours before then only he will be able to reach his destination on time. The jam is so much that from 103 to the old bus stand, at least one hour is being taken in your vehicle.


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