Many people have become victims: Hackers blackmailing women by making videos of women with mobile selfie camera

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Hackers can blackmail you by hacking the front camera of Android phone and making videos from it. Many people in the city have become victims of hackers. There is discord in the house due to blackmailing. Victims from the house of slander do not even complain to the police. Till now hackers were extorting money from people by hacking mobiles in different ways, now their eyes are on the front (selfie) camera of the mobile.

The eyes of hackers are mostly on the women and girls of the house. They can easily be blackmailed by trapping them. You will not know when the video will be made from mobile. So be careful while talking to unknown people on mobile and downloading any application.

According to cyber experts, one or two such cases are coming to the fore in the city every day, in which the front or back camera has been hacked. This information comes when your video is seen on social media or in other’s mobile.

If you download any application, hackers directly take access to your mobile’s camera and misuse it. Some people download and keep many applications in their mobile for entertainment. Later on, this becomes the trap of his life. Through this, hackers blackmail you by making your video from mobile camera.

Trick – When hackers make videos from mobile, it is not even known

Take these precautions to avoid hackers

1-2 such cases are being reported daily in the city.

Cyber ​​expert Saurabh Galani said that the incidents of mobile hacking are increasing. Applications and internet are dangerous for mobile. People download in mobile without knowing it. Every day 1-2 such cases are being reported in the city. Women are at greater risk than this. Women always keep mobile phones with them.

It is very difficult to stop such cyber crime.

Cyber ​​expert Snehal Vakil said that it has become very difficult to stop cyber crime. Hackers are trying new tricks. 80 percent of people are not even aware of mobile hacking. The things that they do not want to tell others, they easily pass on to others. People do not take care of APK file while downloading the application or taking any information from anyone.

Case-1 made a video of a girl taking a bath in the bathroom

When Sushmita (name changed) living in Eighth Lines came to the bathroom after taking a bath, someone sent her a video of her mobile taking a bath. There was a dispute between the couple over the video. When the matter went to the cyber expert, it was found that his mobile was hacked.

Case-2 The video of wife beating was put on social media

The youth had downloaded the application in mobile to watch IPL matches. The hacker hacked the front and back camera of the mobile through the application. Husband was beating wife. The hacker made a video of the assault and shared it on social media.

Case-3 Account hacked and money transferred

Troubled by the hacker, the young man got the bank account closed. The youth had sent the details of the bank to the relative. The hacker hacked the mobile and transferred money from the account. After transferring money twice, the young man got his bank account closed.

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