Jamshedpur: In the results of matriculation, the names of many such schools in East Singhbhum district have appeared, which have accepted the examination form directly from JACK, while the examination forms of excessive students of these schools were rejected by the District Education Department. Due to this, more students passed the matriculation examination than the figures prepared by the District Education Department. In fact, more than a dozen schools wanted to fill the examination form of other students more than the approved number of students. The District Education Department refused to do this work of the schools. Its these schools started making rounds of Jack’s office. Ultimately these schools were successful. Jack accepted their examination form and allowed them to appear in the matriculation examination and many students passed out of it.


There is a difference in the figures of these schools

School Name – Total Students – Passed Students

1. High School Gitilata – 114 – 116

2. Mukteshwar Dham High School Haryana – 105 – 115

3. Urdu High School, Telco – 48 – 49

4. Tribal Public Welfare High School Mango – 05 – 05 – 06

5. Pallimangal High School Shantipur – 257 – 287

6. Tribal Girls High School Gopalpur – 33 – 36

7. Sido Kanhu Memorial High School Kedo – 103 – 104

8. BDSL Vidya Mandir High School Musabani – 133 – 134

9. Asus Vidya Mandir High School Baharagora – 133 – 134

10. Upgraded High School Sasanoriya – 15 – 17

11. Upgraded High School Bhurasaguttu – 28 – 29

12. Model School Dhalbhumgarh – 19 – 20

13. Prof. APJA Kalam High School Mango – 639 – 777


Great performance of Kasturba schools

Jasan, Jamshedpur: The Kasturba Schools of East Singhbhum district performed brilliantly in the matriculation examination. In KGBV Patmada, 98.44 percent, in KGBV Potka, 97.10 and in KGBV Jamshedpur, 95.45 percent girls passed. On the other hand, Dumaria, Dhalbhumgarh, Ghatshila, Baharagora, Chakulia, Musabani Kasturba and JBAA Bodam and Gudabandha had 100% test results. Here in Kasturba schools the process of enrollment in class six has started. On behalf of the District Education Department, a demand has been made for the approved list from all the blocks.

Edited By: Sanam Singh