Maulana and scholar associated with PFI on the radar of NIA: From Kanhaiyalal murder to Karauli-Jodhpur riots, funding in the name of Zakat

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Violence erupted in Karauli, Rajasthan on Ram Navami, riots on Eid-Akshay Tritiya in Jodhpur and beheading of tailor Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur. In all these cases the name of an organization has come up again and again. That is- PFI i.e. Popular Front of India (PFI).

Now the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is raiding several locations of PFI in 10 states since Thursday morning. Many Maulanas and scholars associated with it are on the radar. So far 100 people associated with the organization have been arrested from across the country under this action being taken in the Terror Funding Case. NIA raids are going on in Jaipur, Udaipur, Kota and Baran on people associated with PFI. 2 people have also been arrested in Rajasthan.

For some time, the roots of PFI have deepened in Rajasthan too. It has the most active workers in Rajasthan. So say the sources. Here many Muslim scholars and Maulana are associated with PFI. In February this year, a big rally was taken out in Kota regarding the Hijab controversy that erupted in Karnataka. The PFI connection of Syed Sarwar Chishti, secretary of Ajmer Dargah, Anjuman Syed Jadgan, has also come to the fore on several occasions.

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Terror connection of PFI surfaced in these incidents of Rajasthan

Karauli : On 2 April, riots broke out in Karauli on the occasion of Hindu New Year. One house and 35 shops were burnt in the disturbance. 45 people were injured in this, including 5 policemen. More than 30 bikes were broken.

Investigation revealed that these riots took place at the behest of Matloob Ahmed, the councilor of Karauli. There was also talk of the involvement of PFI in this. After this incident, communal violence took place on 10 occasions in 9 states of the country within 15 days in a sequential manner. His chronology revealed that all these events happened in the same way.

Jodhpur : On May 3, there was a flag dispute in Jodhpur on the day of Akshaya Tritiya and riots started in the entire city. Acid and petrol bottles were thrown at homes and shops. There was heavy stone pelting.

Many people were injured in the beatings and attacks. It came to the fore in the investigation that from the flag dispute to the people who created terror in the city, they had come from outside. He was supported by the local fundamentalists. Here too, the hand of PFI came to the fore in the investigation.

Bhilwara : On May 4, the day after the Jodhpur riots, preparations began to smolder Bhilwara. Nine people attacked two youths of a particular community sitting near Karbala on the night of May 4 in Sanganer here. Both of them beat up fiercely and burnt their bikes. After this, on the night of May 10, at 11 o’clock, some boys stabbed a young man named Adarsh ​​to death.

The next day, students returning after giving exams were attacked with knives and injured. In all these three incidents, the interrogation of the accused revealed that they wanted to incite riots. However, so far no direct connection of PFI has been seen in these cases. These incidents, which happened due to serial timing, also forced the investigating agencies to think on this angle.

Udaipur : On June 28, Taylor Kanhaiyalal was assassinated in Udaipur in a Taliban way. 10 days ago, there was a post in support of Nupur Sharma from her mobile. Since then he was getting threats. Riyaz and Ghaus Mohammad came to Kanhaiyalal’s shop on the pretext of giving the measurement of the cloth and attacked him. He was attacked several times with sharp weapons.

The killers also made before, after and after the murder videos and went viral. After this, there was resentment among the people everywhere and the whole state came to the mouth of the fire. In this case also the connection of people associated with PFI has come to the fore.

Started from South India 16 years ago
In the year 2006, an organization named Manitha Niti Pasarai (MNP) and National Development Fund (NDF) together formed the Popular Front India (PFI). Initially this organization was active only in the states of South India, but now it has expanded to 23 states including UP-Bihar.

There is an organized network of PFI, which has presence in more than 20 states of the country including Rajasthan. PFI also has a national committee and states have separate committees. It has workers at the ground level. According to the PFI, the members of the committee are elected by elections held every three years.

In 2009, PFI formed its political party SDPI (Social Democratic Party of India) and student organization CFI (Campus Front of India). The headquarters of PFI, originating from South India, is currently in Delhi.

Cases are also registered continuously by this organization by identifying the people who exposed PFI. PFI had registered 1256 such cases till the year 2020, out of which 34 people were also arrested. This figure was released by PFI only in the year 2020.

In the year 2010, Professor Joseph in Kerala was accused of insulting Prophet Mohammed through a question asked in a question paper. After this it is alleged that the hands of Professor Joseph were chopped off by PFI activists.

Many terrorists were caught before the Prime Minister’s visit
On July 11, a day before the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the input of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), Bihar Police raided Naya Tola in Patna and caught many terrorists. Then ASP Manish Kumar of Phulwari Sharif had told that a 7-page document named ‘India 2047’ was also found with the arrested terrorists. While working on the plan recorded in it, he wanted to make India a Muslim nation in the next 25 years. To fulfill this target, Muslim youth were being trained to use weapons. All the arrested terrorists were associated with PFI and its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

Input for giving terrorist training to children in Rajasthan: NIA-ED raids in 4 districts including Jaipur, books and documents recovered from PFI’s office

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