Mayawati furious over Mohan Bhagwat’s meeting with Ulemas: Said – It is not acceptable to read Namaz for a few minutes in the open; Bhagwat calls himself ‘Father of the Nation’

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had gone to the Masjid-Madrasa in Delhi. Tried to reduce the negative image by meeting the Ulemas. BSP chief Mayawati tweeted on this. Asking the question, he wrote that how will Mohan Bhagwat, who called himself the Father of the Nation and Rishi of the Nation, change the negative image after meeting the Ulemas?

How will the BJP government bring about a change in the negative attitude towards Muslim society, their mosques and madrasas?

The government is unable to bear even namaz in the open for a few minutes.

Wrote that the BJP government is unable to bear the compulsion to offer Namaz in the open for a few minutes in UP. But what is the meaning of the deep silence of the RSS chief about this. This should also be taken into account. Mayawati said that while ignoring the government madrassas, the UP government is ready to intervene in private madrasas as well.

UP government accepted that farmers have dues
Mayawati had tweeted a day ago and wrote that the UP government has accepted in the assembly that there is arrears of farmers in UP. Development works should be completed quickly. Despite being an agricultural country, no one is paying attention to the interests of the farmers by the government and their responsibilities.

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