MBA husband-CA wife, growing expensive plants without water: experimenting with plants, leaving millions of jobs; one crore turnover

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Where there is no water and soil… the temperature is also such that not a single flower blooms. There a couple from Jodhpur prepares the whole garden.

MBA husband and CA wife together have prepared such gardens in many such campuses of Jodhpur.

Lalit, who lives in Surpura, Jodhpur, got a package of 8 lakhs after doing MBA in marketing from Pune in 2013. Had a job as a Relationship Manager in a bank. Wife also Chartered Accountant. Life could have gone well, but both of them thought of doing something different.

Started plant nursery leaving a package of lakhs of rupees. Initially, when I experimented on a land near the city, nothing much happened. After this, he started training again in 2018. 9 lakh profit. Now their turnover has reached 1 crore.

Lalit told that he was in the top-10 student in college. When I was doing internship in the last year, I had to go 32 to 33 kms every day. One day when he went to Wagholi town of Pune, he saw big green houses and polyhouses there. Collected information about them, only then had thought that a nursery plant would be set up on the ancestral land with a greenhouse and a poly house. Cultivate fruits and vegetables.

Nursery start in 2018
For starting it on ancestral land, asked for 400 square meters of land out of 12 bighas of ancestral land from father Brahm Singh. The father did not agree initially, but later agreed. After this, Lalit took training from the garden department of Jaipur. There was no great benefit in the beginning.

After this, nursery was started in 2018 under the name Swastik. Lalit told that the nursery was started with a budget of 15 lakhs. Initially the turnover was Rs 23 to 30 lakhs. But, now it has increased to 1 crore.

IIT Jodhpur, where there is no water and soil, plants are grown
Lalit is also handling the project of Garden of IIT of Jodhpur. Apart from this, there are many private gardens, whose gardening is the responsibility of Lalit’s Swastik Nursery. This is the reason why there is a huge demand for their nursery indoor-outdoor plants. He got this project through a project of Tata company. There was neither enough water nor good soil in the IIT campus. Plant and grass are developed with the help of drip irrigation. It was a project of about one crore rupees. He said that many handicraft factories have also worked on greenery and this process is going on.

Wife turned down job of CA, bank manager
Lalit was married to Khushboo Deora of Pali city. Wife is CA. After marriage, the wife is also giving full support in farming. From farm house and nursery to other works Khushboo is responsible. She also looks after the retailer’s work while Lalit looks after the entire work of marketing and nursery management.

Lalit told that when the internship was completed, he was offered a job as an ICICI Security Relationship Manager in a package of eight lakhs, but turned it down. Then offer letters from two companies also came but were not accepted. There was interest in poly house, so some companies in Gujarat were earning lakhs of rupees from the production of vegetables to be surveyed.

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