New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk, Meghalaya Waterfalls: Meghalaya is a very beautiful place which is the perfect destination to visit in summer. By reaching Meghalaya surrounded by lush green forests and waterfalls, you feel like being in a different world. The full credit of which can not only be given to the beauty, but pollution-free air, springs located every little distance and their clean water, bridges made from the roots of trees also play an important role in this.

Meghalaya is full of waterfalls. Meaning there are so many waterfalls here that it takes at least three to four days to see them only. There are also some waterfalls where you have to do a lot of trekking to reach it. So also keep in mind that if you want to see the waterfalls settled here closely, then it is very important to be fit for it. Without it, you will be able to do sightseeing and photography from a distance.

So coming to Meghalaya, which waterfalls are worth the money to see, today we will know about them.

Wah Kaba Falls

On the way from Shillong to Cherrapunji falls Wah Kaba Falls, which is one of the natural and beautiful waterfalls here. The experience of watching the falling water from a height of 170-180 meters is different as well as fun. To reach here, a little trekking has to be done which may seem tedious but this fatigue goes away as soon as you reach the waterfall. The surrounding view is beautiful as well as very calm. With which you can also spend two or four moments of peace here. This place is the best for photography.

Wei Sawdong

The beauty of this waterfall is such that once you see it, you cannot forget it. But reaching here is a big challenge. There is a track of at least 200 meters to see this waterfall. The villagers have made a way here with the help of bamboo, so it is not less than a challenge to reach here without wearing shoes with good grip. But after reaching here you get to see the amazing three step waterfall. The water of the spring will soak you from top to bottom. Here you can reach the top through steps made of stones and rocks, but be careful because due to the continuous falling of water, there is also a lot of slippery. Believe me, seeing this waterfall, it will seem that you have seen a very beautiful thing of Meghalaya.

Prut Walterfall

Prut waterfall falls on the way back from Meghalaya to Shillong, here less crowd is seen than other waterfalls. You will have to do some trekking for here too, but it is not fun and tiring. Due to less crowd, you can sit here comfortably for some time, do photography and if you want, you can also take a bath in the cold water of the waterfall. This place is really going to make the body and mind happy. So don’t forget to include it in your list.

Nohkalikai, Seven Sister, Elephant Falls are the famous waterfalls here, due to which there is a huge crowd of tourists here. So if you want to have a different experience by coming to Meghalaya, then make a plan to visit these 3 waterfalls.

Edited By: Priyanka Singh